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Posted by on Jan 18, 2007 in At TMV | 15 comments

Center of Attention

Extra attention to a few Centrist blogs.

Go to Brad DeLong’s place for a couple of interesting posts. I could link to one specifically, like I normally do, but since it has been such a long while that I last linked to Brad, it’s better to simply go there and… read up.

Amba gave her van a name…

Michael Linn Jones at the Gun Toting Liberal on Iraq Katie Couric. To Katie: get a sense of priorities please.

The always hilarious Jon Swift: Breaking News: Michael Ledeen Is Dead.

Simon at Stubborn Facts on Obama. And here. And… here. Be forewarned: it ain’t nice.

Taylor Owen at the Oxblog on the Bush administration’s refusal to accept Iran’s offer.

And that was your Center of Attention for today, Thursday January the 18th, 2007.

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  • SteveK

    The always hilarious Jon Swift: Breaking News: Michael Ledeen Is Dead.

    Not that’s one even Mark Twain would enjoy. Too funny… Thanks for the link.

  • Man, Simon is CRAZY!!! That’s why I love reading his blog (even if I don’t agree w/ the majority of what he says)!!! 🙂

  • lol Chuck, now that is the right attitude: even if you don’t agree with someone, don’t dismiss everything that person has to say.

    Steve, no problem: Jon truly has a magnificent sense of humor.

  • BeYourGuest


    As a literary kind of guy, I hope you’ve seen Jon Swift’s Amazon reviews. (LINK.)

  • BYG: yes, I linked to them a while ago. Absolutely hilarious. “I have never actually read this book, but…”

  • On a completely different topic, MvdG…did you hear about DJ Drama and Cannon’s offices/studio getting raided by the RIAA/FBI/ATF?

  • C.P.: no not at all. Do you have a link?

  • CStanley

    Here’s a link to the story about the raid in the AJC, Michael.

  • CANNON!!!

    Gangsta Grizzilz!!!

    Man Drama and Cannon got screwed. I smell something REALLY fishy.

  • CStanley

    What’s the deal with the remixes? I get the part that they aren’t directly pirating music, but since I’m not an afficianado of this genre I don’t really understand what it is they’re producing. Is there any basis to claim copyright infringement?

  • Wow. This is actually a tough one to explain. I for one am making my foray into “The Industry” with my production team Steel Town Sounds. Mixtapes are essential in hip-hop to break and promote new artists. Drama’s “Gangsta Grillz” mixtape series helped revive careers and bring attention to new artists. Now, a lot of these mixtapes are sanctioned tacitly by labels and artists. What the artist does is pays DJ Drama, or Don Cannon, or Trendsetter DJ Sense, or DJ Jamad, or anyone out of their camp or any other mixtape DJ for that matter to do a mixtape for them. These usually include freestyles over other tracks (instrumentals) that have been put out and a lot of unreleased studio material, which may be subject to copyright and licensing laws. However, the mixtapes are labelled “For Promotional Use Only” and the only reason they are “sold” is due to cover CD duplication and CD cover art, not the content of the CD, which is considered “free.” However, you have to do everything by the book in terms of charging only for the CD cover and physical media, and getting a bar code put on so the government can see that income coming in and it can be reported to them for tax purposes. Also, you have to know who your mixtapes are being distributed to. They’re in the middle of a bootlegging hotspot in Atlanta and I’m sure copies of their mixtapes landed in their hands either directly or indirectly. I’m sure I’m not giving the best explanation but this whole case is very complex. The fact that they’re being prosecuted by the RICO statute is what is making everything not add up. Then again I’m not exonerating (sp?) them either, it’s just my take that how the mixtape process works and in some instances this investigation doesn’t add up. I’ll have to do more research. Maybe they weren’t totally on their Ps and Qs on the business end of things and mistakes on that end are costing them. Hope this makes sense somewhat.

  • C.P.: I’m trying to follow it, but I continue to have some trouble understanding it completely. Perhaps I’m slow… Could you explain it a bit more?

  • MvdG,

    Look around at the various reports and editorials written about the incident…it’ll help you understand better…much better than I can convey at this point in time right now as I’m trying to get a better grasp on the situation. I have a teleconference with my lawyer this evening so maybe he’ll be able to help me out on the legal side of things in terms of explaining what is going on from how he sees things (we’re not involved, but I do seek legal advice when I have questions).

  • Good decision Chuck. Thanks, I will.

  • CStanley

    I think I sort of get it, CP. Thanks for the explanation. I thought the RICO angle was odd too, and that it was sensationalized as this huge bust here. Of course the law enforcement guy on the local news also had to throw in a statement about how “usually they find narcotics and other criminal activity” during raids like this, even though he admitted that nothing else turned up here. Seemed like a lot of wasted law enforcement money to me, cause even with the copyright infringement issue that should be a matter for the civil courts IMO.

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