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Posted by on Sep 3, 2013 in Breaking News, Crime, Economy, Energy, Environment, International, Law, Media, Military, Nature, Places, Politics, Religion, Science & Technology, Society, Terrorism, War | 2 comments

Castro: ‘Who Was Paid to Lie’ about Snowden Being Allowed in Cuba? (Cuba Debate, Cuba)


Who told the Russian newspaper Kommersant that Cuba, buckling under pressure from the United States, had decided to forbid Edward Snowden from landing in Havana? Quoted around the media over the weekend, this is the entire column by former Cuba dictator Fidel Castro, who has written a rare op-ed to correct the record, saying that after 54 years of unflinching defiance of the ’empire’, Havana did not, and would never, have refused Snowden permission to land there.

With some whip-lash-delivering digressions, including a defense of Bashar al-Assad, a warning about the increasing rate of animal extinction, musings about Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, and the continuing demand for oil on the world market, Castro expresses consternation that anyone would have the temerity to say that Havana would bow to U.S. pressure and not permit Edward Snowden to land there.

In the virtual pages of Cuba Debate, Fidel writes in small part:

Just a few hours ago, official agencies known for their classic sophisticated services to the United States, disseminated news that Edward Snowden had been forced to establish himself in Russia because Cuba had bowed to pressure from the United States.

I don’t know whether someone, somewhere, spoke or didn’t speak to Snowden, as this is not my task. I read what I can of news, opinion and books around the world. I admire the brave and just statements made by Snowden, who in my opinion rendered a service to the world by revealing the repugnantly dishonest policies of the dominant empire which lies and deceives the world. What I do not agree with is that someone, whatever their merits, can speak on behalf of Cuba.

Who was paid to utter this lie. Who said it? Who uttered these libelous comments to the Russian newspaper Kommersant? According to Reuters news agency, the newspaper quotes sources close to the U.S. State Department: “The Cuban government at the last minute notified the authorities, and that Havana had prevented Snowden from boarding the Aeroflot flight.”

Let’s explore the mercenary activities Kommersant. In its time, it was one of the most perverse media outlets at the service of the extreme counter-revolutionary right, which enjoys the fact that the sycophantic conservative government in London is sending bombers to its air base in Cyprus, ready to drop their bombs on the patriotic forces of heroic Syria, while in Egypt, known as the heart of the Arab world, thousands of people are being murdered by the authors of a disgusting coup d’état.

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