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Posted by on May 29, 2008 in Politics | 15 comments

But Remember, this has NOTHING to do with Obama

Some of the coverage of the Democratic presidential primary race certainly swerves into the realm of “puzzling” with other adjectives (e.g. arcane, jaw-dropping) coming into play. The trend continues today. Though Barack Obama has rejected the support of his controversial pastor, some of his fellow Democrats continue to keep a close watch on anything and everything said at Trinity Church from his home stomping grounds. This just in from (among other sources in his own party) Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft.

First of all, this has nothing to do with Barack Obama but I have to ask, what in the world is going on at Chicago’s Trinity Church? This is simply outrageous:

What follows is a video of yet another guest pastor talking about Hillary Clinton and speculating that she was upset that “a black man” might be taking the nomination she “was entitled to” as a white person. Provocative stuff indeed, but nothing we’ve heard from Obama himself. This is followed up by yet another disclaimer.

I repeat, this has NOTHING to do with Barack Obama, but there is clearly something wrong at Trinity Church in Chicago.

Of course! This has NOTHING to do with Barack Obama. But one has to wonder… there are literally hundreds of thousands of churches across this country. As recent reports have shown, all manner of controversial things are said in many of them from both the left and the right. Is Big Tent Democrat out there covering all of them for any and every instance of incendiary speech? Or do you suppose that there is some unspoken admission that much of the country already associates Chicago’s Trinity Church with Obama, so such a story might still feed into the anti-Obama sentiment?

Hey, I’m just asking. And, of course… this has NOTHING to do with Obama.

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  • And if you read the comments in that post by BTD, people are attaching the comments to Senator Obama like flypaper to flies. Nothing to do with Senator Obama indeed… (sarcasm)

    Intra-partisan politics for the WIN!

  • Davebo

    I’d like to mention at the outset, this has NOTHING to do with Obama.

    But his neighbor 3 doors down has a cousin who’s barber is a registered sex offender.

    But again, this has NOTHING to do with Obama and I’m NOT nearly as pathetic as I sound.

  • joegandelman

    American politics has now descended to where the main component is trying to discredit someone you don’t like — whether it’s Hillary, or Obama or McCain. It again is truly incredible that with all of the huge issues you don’t have a substantive debate on the part of Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals and centrists. There are indeed true concerns that may surface about personalities. But as an independent voter I am so totally turned off by these tactics that my voting more and more is about casting a vote against the candidate who has used the sleaziest tactics and not stuck to the issues.


    This has NOTHING to do with bloggers, and NOTHING to do with partisans.

  • I agree to a point with Joe. YES we do see a lot of the “politics of personality” in current campaigns. HOWEVER what bothers me is when you have a real disagreement on policy and people still call it a “personal attack”. For example, if you say that candidate A voted for a highly controversial bill, that is considered a personal attack in some quarters and that is wrong.


  • Definitely a fair point, LL. Noted.

  • Holly_in_Cincinnati

    Now that I’ve watched the YouTube, I think that Fr. Pfleger is a fine one to talk about white entitlement as he is probably descended from German Catholic immigrants who were grossly discriminated against. Both Trinity UCC and Fr. Pfleger’s St. Sabina are likely to lose their tax-exempt status due to promoting (and attacking) candidates from the pulpit.

  • archangel

    dear LadyLogician. Amen.


  • runasim

    Pfleger just makes me laugh.
    Amid the melodrama, he makes a good point., though. Privilege has been inherited, as have the scars of slavery.

    No punishment, no retribution needed. or wanted.
    It would be nice to hear acknowledgement, however.

    • skylights

      runasim: Agreed. His main point about inherited white privilege is true. The way in which he expresses it, however, is counterproductive.

      More than acknowledgment is needed. The country needs to continue its progress in civil rights, and invest more resources into programs that will help correct this inherited disadvantage.

  • Personally I’ve BEEN TIRED of the many melodramatic ministers…

  • Potfry

    maybe it’s cause it has EVERYTHING to do with Obama.

  • redfish


    Not all whites live privileged lives. If we’re to believe Obama in fact—and I don’t disagree with him—many people have lost jobs to economic policies. A lot of people inherit problems left to their parents. Whites had to build up from nothing after the Great Depression. Workers in factory towns like Flint, Michigan have been left stranded. Over time we’ve developed national policies and national dialogues to deal with this. We have a welfare state which helps people with unemployment and social security—for any person of any color to help get his life on track. We’ve spent money on outreach programs in inner cities. We’ve passed laws enforcing affirmative action, even when, in some cases, it might hurt have hurt individuals who get the shorter end of the stick. In every classroom we teach children the legacy of racism in America, from the founding to the Civil War to the 60s civil rights movement to today.

    I’m sensitive to the point that even still today the problems of inner cities are inherited from previous generations. But we have to look at what we’ve done so far; and what today is being productive to help and what is not being productive to help.

    Pfleger is not being productive. When you say “it would be nice to hear acknowledgment” neither are you. America’s past of slavery and Jim Crow laws is talked about all the time.

    I wasn’t offended by Pfleger. I just found him a buffoon.

  • daveinboca

    there are literally hundreds of thousands of churches across this country. As recent reports have shown, all manner of controversial things are said in many of them from both the left and the right.

    I’d like to see where Mr. Jazz gets this delusional projection of his own psychological illness.

    There are very few mainstream Christian churches who even touch on politics, and if they do, it is inferentially, not the bombastic inflammatory incendiary race hatred of Pfleger & Rev. Wrong. There are around 60 million practicing Catholics who have probably never heard a “political” sermon in their lives. And that is good. Ditto for mainline Protestant churches, such as the Episcopal one we attend.

    This blog is getting “guest posters” who are almost all Obama-backers. The only thing “moderate” here is the name. “Centrist” obviously no longer applies to the content here.

  • If you SAY SO, daveinboca. As a musician, I’ve been to many predominately white and black churches, and the Father Pfleger type of “performances” were much more common than the heated Rev. Wright rant. And there were some evangelical churches I sat in that make Wright and Pfleger sound like toddlers.

    Look daveinboca, this site is FAR from the Taylor Marsh/Daily Kos hard intra-party wars. We are alot more “moderate” this political season than many political sites.

  • T_Steel – I would say that the truth (about church sermons) lies somewhere between you and Dave’s.

    However I will disagree with Dave’s assertion that this site is full of Obama Backers. Considering that Jazz regularly links to “right wing” sites (like mine) and I contribute comments here and they are not edited or banned or whatever if I tend to disagree with “ownership” (unlike other sites). Yeah it leans to the left of center…but there is nothing wrong with that as long as ALL opinions are welcome. And here they are!


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