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Posted by on Jan 15, 2008 in At TMV | 2 comments

Bush’s Promises are Not to Be Believed …

''Arab, Islamic and Global silence.'

How degraded is American credibility – even amongst our staunchest Arab allies? According to this editorial from Al-Khaleej of the United Arab Emirates, which President Bush visited Sunday, there is little confidence in President Bush’s assurances of imminent peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The editorial asks, ‘Are there any promises being made here that Arabs can believe? Are there any solutions that President Bush could possibly propose? … Indeed, the promises Bush has made to Israelis in private are absolutely not the promises he has made to Arabs in public.’


Translated By James Jacobson

January 11, 2008

United Arab Emirates – Al-Khaleej – Original Article (Arabic)

Before the start of his visit to the region, Bush promised Arabs and Palestinians that by the end off his term a final solution would be announced between the Palestinians and Israel. However, the statements that he made in Israel concerning “the Jewishness of the Hebrew state and its legitimate right to its entire territory,” show his lack of seriousness and confirm that he came to the region only to make additional false promises and to extort additional concessions from Arabs and Palestinians for the benefit of the usurper entity [Israel].

Since taking office, Bush’s promises have proven to be nothing but a mirage. The only things Arabs have gleaned from his Middle East policies have been additional setbacks and a worsening of the situation. He announced and greatly depended upon the plan called “the road map,” raising the expectations and aspirations of Arabs and Palestinians, and which resulted in complete failure.

Then he announced the Annapolis Conference smack in the middle of the Arab peace initiative. Annapolis succeeded in raising doubts about the Arab plan and concluded without recording the least bit of progress for Bush’s policies in the region. Today, Bush comes carrying promises and raising Arab optimism about achieving the hoped-for progress on the Palestinian problem, while at the same time his statements give the green light for Israelis to carry out even more arbitrary acts against the Palestinians.


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