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Posted by on Jun 19, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Guest Contributor, International, Media, Miscellaneous, Places, Society | 1 comment

Blogs: What’s Cooking…?


Orangette…Cannelle et Vanille…Chez Pim…Dorie Greenspan…Becks & Posh…Steamy Kitchen..Homesick Texan…The Bitten Word…Tartelette. Hey what are these funny names? If you ever get tired of reading the political blogs…you may turn your attention to the above mentioned “appetizing” blogs included in The Times “50 of the world’s best food blogs.” More here…

I tried finding Indian food blogs on the net…I wonder how many people visit such blogs, and how good they are. Anyway no harm trying…Here is one…

And here’s Beyond Curries…

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  • Ricorun

    This post is just what the doctor ordered. While I have always grown tomatoes, a variety of herbs, and a variety of hot peppers in my back yard, this is the first year I’ve taken a stab at a real veggie garden. It’s not very big, not very well planned (I didn’t know what I was doing) and it’s still early, but things are starting to come in pretty well — especially the zucchini. So it’s nice to have some new recipe blogs to check out.

    As for Indian food blogs, I have no knowledge. For that matter, my knowledge of Indian food is rudimentary at best. All I know is that when it’s made well, it’s wonderful! But made poorly, it’s awful. So many things are like that. Many years ago my first experience with mole poblano was prepared by the mother of a friend’s wife in their home in Mexico, and it was fantastic! For a long time thereafter I went on a quest to find something similar, and for a long time the results were disappointing. To this day I’ve never tasted anything in a restaurant that was as good. Heaven knows I tried. Finally, after several years of trying different recipes I’ve developed my own, which even Mrs. Rico (a first generation Mexican American) thinks is the best she’s ever tasted, too. And Mrs. Rico is no slouch herself. Her chile rellenos are the best I’ve ever tasted — as is her salsa verde and any varition on beans she chooses to make. I think it’s that bean pot she has.

    Where I live now (southern Orange County, CA) there aren’t very many Indian restaurants, and the few I’ve been to haven’t been worth a return trip. LA has some good ones of course — and some bad ones. But it’s been almost a generation since I lived there. And the ones I used to love are now all closed. So basically, I have to start over. And considering all the other good ethnic foods available in LA, it hardly seems worth the effort. However, if someone knows of a good Indian restaurant in south OC, I’d love to hear from you.

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