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  • StockBoyLA

    An online survey conducted last year by Harris Interactive on behalf of Netflix found a majority of respondents defined binge-watching as viewing two to six episodes of the same show at a time.

    So what’s really the difference between watching 2 or 3 episodes of a 45 minute show and watching one 90 or 120 minute movie?

    I’d define binge watching at 4 or more episodes at a time.

  • epiphyte

    I spent 20 years pretty much without feeling any urge to watch TV. At all.

    Then a couple of weeks ago, my eighth-grade daughter convinces me I have to watch the first episode of “Hannibal” … if only to ascertain whether or not it is harmful to young minds. I proceed to consume two seasons in less than a week – a feat which requires purchasing the later episodes from Amazon in order to avoid having to wait…

    … I have a feeling that probably qualifies as a “binge” !

  • ShannonLeee

    I’ll binge watch really good tv. Most primetime shows are so terrible that there really isnt much point in watching normal free tv anymore (although I have binged on Scandal).

  • There are shows such as House of Cards on Netflix which are designed for binge watching by releasing a season at once, and other shows which people wind up binge watching to catching up. Binge watching of new shows on Netflix comes from the way the show is released while often binge watching other shows is a result of finding out about a show after it has been on for a while.

    Sometimes this happens with a show like Hannibal, which started on on a Friday night with a small audience and people found out about it later. Often this happens because of the wide variety of sources. Most people are not going to see an obscure cable show from the beginning, with some such as Breaking Bad, Arrow, and Orphan Black receiving a lot of publicity and picking up new viewers after they have been on. Fortunately there are now so many ways to binge watch to catch up, which is good for both viewers and for the producers of a show, who can see their audience grow as people catch up. This allows for them to make higher quality shows and wait for the audience to find them, and in return the number of high quality shows out there encourages more people to binge watch to catch up.

  • I watched all the episodes of the new Upstairs Downstairs in a couple of days over the 3 day weekend. I just received my blue-ray DVDs of second season of the Australian series Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries yesterday and I will probably burn through them in a couple of days. I also recently binge watched the TV adaptation of James Clavell’s Noble House staring Pierce Bronsnan.
    I also binge read however waiting for all of the books in a series to be published before I read them back to back one after another.

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