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Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Featured, Television | 9 comments

Bill O’Reilly: Conservatives won’t watch Stephen Colbert on the ‘Late Show’

Bill O’Reilly: Conservatives won’t watch Stephen Colbert on the ‘Late Show’ (via

The conservative campaign against Stephen Colbert is just getting started. Days after radio host Rush Limbaugh described David Letterman’s replacement as a threat to “traditional American values,” Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has predicted conservatives…

  • sheknows

    LOL…Too funny! First of all Conservatives never watched Letterman. They are all over 50 and in bed by then.
    Secondly, Conservatives don’t like watching any comedy show, talk or otherwise because all of the political humor is at their expense. They are idiots all in Washington.
    And your 40% keeps electing that idiocy is everywhere among your people.

    Colbert will be too busy entertaining 20 million viewers every night to care what you or Thrush think.

  • slamfu

    Rush is a big fan of the Free Market until it doesn’t break his way. CBS didn’t go with Colbert because it wants to implement a left wing agenda. They want to make money, and they know Colbert is a good candidate to do just that for them.

    Also, I think Rush has been discounting the 40% conservatives so confused they think Colbert is one of them, lol:

  • JSpencer

    Let’s face it, some comedy is just too over the heads of some people. The best comedy requires one to bring a certain amount of intelligence to the party, and to have some acquaintance with reality as a springboard. When those things are missing there is still slapstick; while I appreciate slaptick it won’t carry a late night show. In any event, criticisms from the likes of Rush or Bill O. can usually be counted as recommendations for normal people.

  • 1stLadyRita

    sheknows –

    Oh come on now, don’t get all “over 50” on me. I never comment but always read them and find yours to be quite insightful. I must speak up this time. Believe it or not, at the old age of 53 I manage to stay up to watch The Colbert Show and I can even understand the edgy political humor. Sometimes I really go wild and listen to Green Day on my iPhone!

  • sheknows

    LOL 1st lady. I exaggerated for effect to give the impression all Republicans are old( generally white) folks. It was my attempt at humor, but I am obviously no Colbert. Didn’t mean to offend .
    I am even older than you , so even I catch Colbert and Stewart on the comedy channel the following day at 6pm. LOL

  • cjjack

    I must admit, I’ve been scratching my head for days about this one.

    Why would conservatives be so upset over this choice?

    When did they become concerned over who comes on the boob tube after the news?

    Who else would they rather have take over the show? I mean, it isn’t like there’s a lot of funny conservative talk show hosts. Well, not intentionally funny, anyway.

    But I think I’ve figured it out. It is fear.

    Colbert has been skewering the right wing for almost a decade now, for a half hour most nights of the week on basic cable. He gets a solid lead in from The Daily Show, and generates respectable ratings on his own after that.

    Yet cable ratings and network ratings are very different animals. Papa Bear O’Reilly and El Rushbo know this. In an average week, Letterman gets about a million more viewers in late night than Bill-O gets in prime time.

    Simply by taking over the reigns at the Ed Sullivan Theater Colbert will be seen by a million more people every week than the man he’s spent almost a decade lampooning.

    And while the upper end of the 25-54 “money” demo may still tune in to Fox News and the rapidly diminishing platform of AM radio, the younger end will be watching Colbert. Is the younger end of that demo conservative?

    Nope. That’s why Bill is scared. They’re not conservative, and they’re not going to be.

    Of course Colbert will be retiring his character and transitioning to a more traditional format, but he’ll still be skewering conservatives, and skewering them in front of an audience the size of which “The Factor” can only dream of.

  • Rip

    I guess I missed, maybe its because I am part of the over 50 crowed 🙂 , but, isn’t David pretty liberal? Maybe it’s just my age but I could have sworn many of Mr. Letterman’s jokes were at the expense of the right…. oh well, I have to admit that do have a hard time making it all the way to the end of the show though (11:30 my time).


  • dduck

    I will so that proves I am not a Conservative, even being well over 50. You Dems are so serious you can’t e funny.:-)

  • JSpencer

    but he’ll still be skewering conservatives

    And they make is so darned easy..

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