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Posted by on Nov 12, 2008 in Politics | 1 comment

Barack the Lawn Ranger


This is coming from Dave Barry, so I’m not entirely sure it’s legitimate, but then again, Ben Smith over at Politico seemed to take it seriously, so I blame my gullibility on him.

Apparently, Obama was once a member of the “Lawn Rangers” a group that “wowed the Midwest corn-festival circuit with their synchronized mowing maneuvers, broom tossing and plunger wagging.” I’ll let Dave Barry explain.

As you may know, I am a veteran member of the world-famous Lawn Rangers precision lawnmower drill team, whose members march every year at the Broom Corn festival in Arcola, Ill., as well as various other events, depending on how drunk they are scheduling… The Lawn Rangers perform highly sophisticated semi-synchronized maneuvers with lawnmowers, brooms, and toilet plungers. Membership in this crack unit is a great honor, bestowed only on whoever shows up very few people.

Today I received an email from Lawn Rangers co-founder Pat Monahan, with a photograph taken in 2003 when the Rangers marched in the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade. Joining them on this occasion was an up-and-coming Illinois state senator, seen here participating in the rigorous rookie-training program..

If only that image of Obama holding a plunger had surfaced earlier, he might have earned another 1-2% in the popular vote from people looking for a liberal alternative to Joe the Plumber. I just can’t imagine why we didn’t hear about this before the election…

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  • Marlowecan

    This is a great picture.

    Obama seems to share a quality with Ronald Reagan, in that regardless of politics it is very difficult to personally dislike him.
    (Yes, I know liberal partisans here despise Reagan, and would flame-on at this comment…but I reference Tip O’Neil’s book on his years as Speaker under Carter and Reagan, where he was fascinated by this quality of Reagan’s).

    Here Obama is willing to wear a green sweater on St. Patrick’s Day, and cheer with a plunger over his head.
    Seriously, how many politicians would dare being caught in such a pose?
    . . . especially standing beside someone who is either Green Lantern or the Grand Wizard of the Irish Clan, with his Green Mask and robes and all.

    It reminds me of that great shot of Obama in front of the Superman statue, in an identical fists on hips pose to the Man of Steel.
    Obama has a wry irony about him. John Edwards, in contrast, would likely be nervously patting his hair in place, and eyeing the camera angles. Obama is just out there.

    Folks might dislike Obama’s policies and all . . . but I suspect he would be a great person to talk with on a personal level.

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