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  • PaulSilver

    This highlights the risk of Superdelegates not choosing Obama if the delegate votes are close. His vastly larger group of small donors is arguably more lucrative and important to the Democratic Party than the smaller universe of deep pockets.

  • DLS

    The picture doesn’t show anything about the nature of his donors versus Clintons’ or the problem with the super-delegates and party-elite machinations.

    The big money and at this time the smart money remains with Clinton, though the better Obama does, the more he may convince large donors to abandon the Wicked Witch for the New Guy. What would be good with the supers is if they would take into consideration that their early choice is the most polarizing figure and the most repellent to voters among any candidate or either party since the beginning of this race. Her “negatives” are so large they must be eventually taken into consideration if they’re not being done so already. Too much rancor between the two candidates (and while it easily could be stage-managed for Dem-voter consumption, I am giving the two the benefit of the doubt and assuming they are actually competing with each other) makes it unlikely to see a Clinton-Obama ticket (it would never be an Obama-Clinton ticket; Clinton would never accept it).

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