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Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in Media, Miscellaneous | 6 comments

Banker Caught Looking at Nude Women on Live TV Broadcast

File this increasingly popular You Tube in your OOPS!!! file. Here’s a video of a banker caught looking at nude women on hits computer screen on a live Australian newscast. Note the guy at the computer to the left of the reporter’s screen.

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  • shannonlee

    He probably did it as a joke….and yes, in Germany it is not uncommon to see fully naked women in ads…billboards, tvs…store fronts.

    Apparently god isn’t angry enough about it to send an earthquake or hurricane our direction.

  • ksb43

    Australia is Australia and Germany is Germany. Neither country’s cultural standards are relevant to an American discussion on the subject.

    If I was to do this at work, I would be fired. Porn and the like is not acceptible at my workplace, and I think that’s the correct way to approach it.

    If someone wants to indulge in this sort of thing, they can do it at home, on their own computer, on their own time.

    It puts other people in an uncomfortable position, is offensive to many and as a female, feels belittling. None of this is conducive to building a cohesive workforce, and in fact, contributes to an atmosphere in which women feel unwelcome.

    Stop defending poor behavior.

  • shannonlee

    “American dicsussion”??

    Hast du Angst vor großen Brüsten?

    • ksb43

      How very Continental of you, my dear.

      But thanks, I’ll pass.

    • ProfElwood

      Ja, das ist, warum ich meine Übungen gemacht.

      (Hopefully, Google translate worked both ways there.)

  • StockBoySF

    I can’t believe that no one pointed this out earlier….

    Oh my God, this is an affront to decency and threatens American values! These people ought to have their rights taken away from them. Religion is against this behavior and my marriage will suffer. THis is just another example of those crazy liberals trying to impose their values on the rest of us.

    Oh wait. What are we talking about? We’re not talking about two guys or two women holding hands in the privacy of their home or making goo-goo eyes at each other? No? Oh…. we’re talking about nudity in public and in TV commercials? Oh.. and it’s naked WOMEN? Then yah!!! Let’s go for it, that is so much fun and there’s nothing like a great pair! Who cares if some people, including families find it offensive and degrading to women. They can’t tell me what to do or watch, whether it’s at work, in public, on TV where young kids can see it, or even in the privacy of my own home.

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