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Around The Sphere Feb. 22, 2007

As you can see, this is not a cartoon. Post Author is Joe Gandelman.

joe_globe.jpgOur linkfest taking you to posts from varying viewpoints. Linked posts do NOT necessarily reflect the views of The Moderate Voice.

So What’s Going On With Iran? Is THIS an olive branch extended to the U.S.?

And Speaking Of Iran there are claims and counterclaims on which nation is giving weapons to attack whom…

More On The Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama Tussle from skippy.

Talk Show Don Imus Is Angry at the President and liberals. See it HERE.

Healthcare In America: Is it doing more harm than good?

There Is Consternation On The Right due to the way some progressives are going after Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) for being a “traitor” to her party. Read the angry (and sometimes adult-only words) here and here. There IS a larger issue — the issue of political parties as “big tents” versus downsized tents. Several years ago it seemed it was largely the GOP that was reading out some members (on social issues) but now the Democrats seem to have joined the fray as well (on the war issue). If you put the two read-out blocks of voters together, is there the makings of a third party here? (Not that third parties win in America…and Ralph Nader is not a third party but a kind of political avenger who goes after one candidate and siphons votes off).”

For A View From On The Ground In Iraq watch this video.

One Blogger Has Tried To Sort Out What The War Means To Him And Our Future. Here’s his take on it.

Some Compare Iraq To Vietnam but how does Gerald Ford
fit into how the debate is conducted today? Here’s now.

Letters To Nonchurchgoing Friends: Mark Daniels answers the statement that church is boring here.

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