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Posted by on Aug 11, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Around The Sphere August 11, 2005

Our occasional linkfest of interesting posts from all over the Internet reflecting DIFFERENT viewpoints. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of The Moderate Voice.

The Cindy Sheehan Story: Due to logistics, we haven’t done a post on this story about the mother of a killed serviceman demanding to meet the President. Crooks And Liars has lots of interesting links on this story such as here, and here. We may do something on this later but must say this: listening to talk radio it’s amazing the viciousness with which she is being attacked. There seems to be an assumption that every mother of a fallen military member MUST support the war or President. That’s unrealistic, particularly in an increasingly controversial war (and TMV has supported this war). The second scary assumption is that it is now clear that if someone dares to break with what some want to be a monolithic military front, and dare to publicly show opposition, a virtual machine goes into operation to try to discredit them. We’re talking here more about talk show hosts etc. than guests on talk shows. We will say it again: to some like yours truly this generates a backlash. Sheehan looks better each day as she’s being lambasted by talk show hosts who don’t seem to have anything in their brains but a faxed talking points agenda (that’s a disorder that inflicts talk show hosts on the right AND left by the way..)

Is The Web A Great Place To Buy Anything?
If you think so THINK AGAIN.

Is Virginia Tech Letting Saudis Import “Regressive Attitudes Towards Women?” Read the latest apparent American kowtowing to Saudis (who increasingly seem to be the REAL rulers of the world) at Restless Mania in a MUST READ post. A small part of RM’s view:

US students studying in Riyadh would be wrong to demand co-educational facilities or to demand to wear whatever clothing they like or to be able to drink alcohol. That is an issue of respect, however grudgingly given and however many reservations are made about the backwardness, real or alleged, of those laws and social mores. The same courtesy should be extended by Saudi students who realize that the University is not bound to change policy and precedent to make Blacksburg seem downright at home to them in social custom.

But perhaps I’m over-reacting. The next thing you know, someone will suggest that an American President was seen holding hands with a Saudi official..

Is There A Psychology Of Terror? Yes and you can read about it here.

And You’ve Read That Muslims Are Cooperating In England? It ain’t necessarily so

And You’ve Read About Anti-Americanism Abroad but some say not to believe all you read.

GIVE ME A BREAK DEPARTMENT: An opera about a man in a wheelchair brutally murdered by terrorists apparently casts the terrorists in a heroic light. Just read the post here in The New Editor and see if your blood doesn’t boil.

What’s The Best Senate Race Of 2006? This blog wants you to vote.

Demanding A Paper Trail:
Americablog notes how many states are now demanding that electronic voting leave paper trail. Among other things, Michael writes:”I say throw out all the machines and use a paper ballot — lots cheaper and dead-accurate. But for God’s sake, people, make sure your check mark is legible. And how about passing laws that says election supervisors must be non-partisan and unaffiliated with ANY campaigning by either party? And not a nincompoop, either?”

MORE ON CINDY SHEEHAN in a heart (and anger) felt post via Iddybud. Iddybud writes in part:

To President Bush, I would say: I’m a mom. My own boy just saw you last week at Fort A.P. Hill. I’ve raised him to respect the office of the President and to be a responsible American citizen. He’s a good boy. Casey Sheehan was a good boy, too. There’s millions and millions of moms out here in America. Our children are our treasure. We’re watching you, President George W. Bush. You say you are a man of compassion. Do the right thing – denounce Sheehan’s ugly rightwing attack-squad and give her the meeting she desires. Look her in the eye – talk to her. We’ll think a lot more of you for having done so. Thank you.

Indeed: the more we look at news stories on this, the more we can predict that this will likely backfire on those who are attacking Sheehan. It’s the kind of drama the media loves to cover. She’ll get more and more media attention — mainstream media attention…and sympathy.

THIS JUST IN: Another insurgent is down. Read JOHN COLE for details.

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