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Posted by on Jun 17, 2011 in At TMV | 4 comments

Anti-War on Drugs Music Video: “No Knock Raid”

The above music video by Toronto-based musician Lindy pretty much speaks for itself without any need of comment from me (You all know how I feel about our government’s War on Drugs). As always, however, comments from TMV viewers are more than welcome.

NOTE: This video contains graphic images of violence and mature language. Viewer discretion is advised.

ADDENDUM: Thanks goes to Radley Balko and Reason for bringing this music video to my attention.

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  • seabourne

    Tell your Congressional Representatives –
    It is time to “Change the Schedule of Cannabis, Cannabis Laws, and Drug Czar Laws”
    Read and Sign the petition at

    After you sign the petition, email your friendlies, share on facebook, or twitter from the petition page. If you have a website grab the widget so your visitors can sign it without leaving your website.

    This petition uses laws passed by Congress to point out that by their laws, the laws must change.

    It begins –
    It is difficult to understand and believe Congress enacted a law requiring a government official to lie and to ignore science and medical studies. This renders the Office unreliable and a fraud. Though 68 – 84 % of this nation, depending on the poll, wants to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis, and science and medical studies have proven the therapeutic benefits and medicinal value of cannabis, we have been forced to live with outdated Draconian laws. It is time to change this.
    and continues

  • ShannonLeee

    The war on drugs will not change until polls on the “most likely to vote” registered voters show a change towards legalization.

    Currently, legalization is political suicide.

    Yes, it sucks, but it’s reality.

  • JSpencer

    The land of the free and home of the brave is such a joke anymore. You can’t be truly free anymore unless you’re well-heeled and well-connected. This didn’t used to be the case. And there is nothing “brave” about stormtroopers and their handlers who trample on rights of citizens – rights that were once respected in this country. These days it’s OK to break into your home in the dead of the night, shoot your dog, terrify your family, cart you off, and steal your possessions. Is here no leadership courageous enough to end this insanity? Are all our politicians utterly spineless? To those of you who think you have nothing to fear about this trend (because you’ve done nothing “wrong”) I respectfully submit that you are very, very naive.

  • seabourne said:

    Tell your Congressional Representatives -It is time to “Change the Schedule of Cannabis, Cannabis Laws, and Drug Czar Laws”

    Frankly, I think the entire Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 ought to be repealed, as it is blatantly unconstitutional (if federally-mandated alcohol prohibition required a Constitutional Amendment in 1920, then why didn’t prohibition of cannibis and other drugs require a Constitutional Amendment in 1970?). But getting cannibis reclassified or removed altogether from the federal government’s scheduling of drugs would be a good start. Until then, we can only hope that individual states refuse to comply with the federal government’s nonsensical drug laws.

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