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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Media, Politics | 3 comments

Another (Worse) Debt Ceiling Crisis Looming? Obama in Serious Political Trouble? (VIDEO)

Is another and worse debt ceiling looming? Is Barack Obama in serious political trouble? One of the most intelligent discussions on these issues was aired this morning on Morning Joe.

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Of course the other factor here, is how Mitt Romney is defined by others and himself.

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  • Yup, that’s a good discussion. It does honestly acknowledge many of the key points. There is no resolution, another key point. There probably can’t be a resolution until both parties agree to jointly come clean with the American public about the situation, assuming they can agree on a “balanced” way forward. Boehner makes it clear his caucus isn’t going to balance a damn thing – it’s going to be all tax cuts or federal shutdown.

    Democrats won’t accept that. The two sides are still blaming each other. So, is there room for compromise despite the rhetoric? Even if there is, how are they going to present the bad news to Americans? That concern alone suggests that there is going to be gridlock until after the November election, if not longer. Absolutely nobody in politics wants to take the hit for bearing bad news. That’s why there is never any details about what has to be cut – once people find out what they are going to lose, they will be grumpy, to say the least.

    Sooner or later, reality will dawn on average people. What effect that will have is unclear – there are only two sides to blame. Republicans will blame democrats and vice versa and third party efforts are not going to be important in this election cycle. At the least, this will be a very interesting election both in terms of corrupt, dysfunctional politics as usual and in terms of how the public evolves in its perceptions.

    Where’s the popcorn and beer?

  • dduck

    Well said, Cal.
    They have to keep us unaware that the Emperor has no clothes.

    Austerity is OK, just don’t touch anything that affects me or mine and keep your hands off the military budget. Bowles-Simpson R.I.P.

    Send your campaign contributions to: I Am A Schmuck, Please Kick Me.
    Shmoo you too.

  • slamfu

    I have no sound at work, but are they seriously going to make hay out of the debt ceiling again? Good lord. Idiots.

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