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Posted by on Jul 31, 2006 in At TMV | 10 comments

Another food crisis in Niger

For most of us U.S.-centric political junkies, Niger means uranium, yellowcake, Plame, Wilson, Novak, Libby — you know, the whole sordid Plamegate affair.

But what about Niger itself? Well, you can get more information about it from the CIA, the U.S. State Department, the BBC, and at Wikipedia, among other good sources.

Right now, though, things are bad. According to the BBC, aid agencies are warning that “[t]he food situation in Niger is deteriorating once more, just a year after it was struck by a devastating drought”. Some families have been “reduced to eating leaves from trees, just to get by”. And the crisis is likely to get much worse: “The UN says the 1.5m people it feeds will more than double in a few weeks. By September, 25% of Niger’s 12m people will be receiving food aid, the World Food Programme predicts.”

Plamegate is serious, don’t get me wrong, but there’s much more to Niger than yellowcake.

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  • Wow…something about the suffering folk in Africa…for once. But a lot of them are muslims so I guess they should be written off…*shrug*

  • Salmenio

    Didn’t you know? This is the “all Israel all the time” blog. Just like the Jewish owned American television media. Never mind America is at war in two countries….Jews are fighting Arabs! More irrelevance for your consumption.

  • Sal you know you’re going overboard w/ the Anti-Israel talk, fam.

  • Salmenio


    No I’m not.

  • yes Sal you are.

  • Salmenio

    Michael van der Galien

    Huh…How so?

  • Sal,

    I’ve been HIGHLY critical of the Israelis as of late as I feel they’re doing FIVE MUCH against Hezbollah, but I’m not going to vilify every person of Jewish faith on the planet, mayne. You’ve been throwing around the word Zionist like it was a cheap whore or something. All I’m saying is tone it down.

  • AustinRoth

    Sal posts more than anyone else on this board, and is obviously a very bitter man, and holds a deep grudge against Jews. He also is borderline deranged.

    Were I to guess, I would think he is likely unemployed at this time or otherwise currently down on his luck, and like many throughout history finds it easy to blame and scapegoat a third party for his problems, and again like many throughout history has choosen the Jews.

    He and Mel should go out for drinks, as they appear to have a lot in common. Except Mel is rich and successful.

  • Salmenio


    I have NOT done that. Furthermore, that is NOT what Michael is saying that I am doing. He is saying “anti-Israeli”. Its so inconvenient in political argument that Israel is a Jewish state. Well tough shit, they made it so not me! They will NOT be allowed to hide behind it either. How much crap does my country have to eat because of Israel?

    However I am an American and I have already stated that I am anti-Israeli. I am anti China too! I’m not anybody’s approval here.

    As for “Dr”.AustinRoth, well try and think up more personal negative crap please, because you post nothing worth reading anyway.

  • MichaelF

    C.Perez said :

    You’ve been throwing around the word Zionist like it was a cheap whore or something. All I’m saying is tone it down.

    Salmenio said :


    I have NOT done that.

    Of course you have. You use the word as if it is a Pejorative term. Several times you have shown that you don’t have a clear understanding as to what constitutes a Zionist .

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