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Posted by on Jul 28, 2011 in International, Media, Places, Religion, War | 2 comments

Anders Breivik: Europe’s Own Osama bin Laden (Berliner Morgenpost, Germany)

What does the emergence of a man like Norway’s mass killer and self-professed Tempar Knight Anders Breivik mean? This editorial from Germany’s Berliner Morgenpost outlines the striking similarities between two men that would appear at first glance to be polar opposites.

The editorial from Germany’s Berliner Morgenpost says in part:

Although he calls himself a Knight Templar, killing and not the Bible was what mattered to him. The message of Christianity would have hindered him in his need to elevate himself to the imaginary nobility of a murderous “savior.” He ignores the one billion Muslims who are not terrorists and the millions of Muslims who live peacefully in Europe. We may assume that Breivik wasn’t acquainted with Muslims as fellow human beings or friends, but merely as caricatures of his own design.

Osama bin Laden was the same. He once said that Christians, especially American Christians, had killed millions of Muslims. Therefore, several million Christians would now be killed to restore balance. Bin Laden said this at a time that the West, particularly the United States, was protecting Muslims in the Balkans, providing disaster relief to Islamic countries, and supporting the Palestinian desire for a viable state. For bin Laden, it was killing that was important, not the Quran.

For such madmen, individuals with their personal happiness, feelings, tragedy and potential for change do not exist. People like Breivik assume that every child of a Muslim family will automatically become an enemy. Breivik and bin Laden cannot imagine that there are people who grow up and live without hate, because they themselves were incapable of existing without it.

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  • kafantaris

    Anyone that would give a hoot to what Anders Behring Breivik has to say should have his head examined. It as a testament to civility that he has not yet being ripped apart by the parents of those children that he has methodically killed. But this would not ease the pain, nor bring the children back — though it might release the anger and frustration.
    Yet, to give this madman, this depraved monster, a forum for his distorted ideas is beyond belief. Exactly when did we start laying children at the altar of a coward’s antiquated ideas?
    Those detached enough to consider that perhaps Breivik has something to say should reflect that in the free marketplace of ideas, his divisive ramblings had won little support. To give support now through the slaughtering of children defies both logic and common sense.
    Indeed, the sanctity for human life should not allow us to entertain the possibility of there being any validity in what Breivik says. He should find no audience with us; his mass killing has shaken us to the core. And though infamy and oblivion might be the worse we can deal him as a civilized society, may he never find peace on this earth as long as he shall live.

  • Allen

    Breivik is an ass.

    Just look at him. He needs all that fancy gear just to shoot down unarmed innocent children? There is no bigger ass than this one. He probably puts on a uniform and walks in front of the mirror a dozen times a day.

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