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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in At TMV | 16 comments

Abortion Survivor Speaks Out In Ad

Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) announced the launch of a $150,000 television ad campaign across Missouri highlighting President Obama’s extreme record on abortion and featuring abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. But it will run tonight in Charlotte during Pres Obama’s speech. Powerful because it puts a human face on those babies who survive abortions, and how Obama voted over and over to let them die. Many on the left see being pro life, and speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves as “radical.” I think this shows who is really the most radical on this issue.

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  • The_Ohioan

    You’ll like this one, too, Kathleen. Wonder how much they spent on it. And was it tax deductible?

  • roro80

    I’m confused. Is the idea here to prove that pregnant women who don’t have abortions, or who have late-term abortions done incorrectly (uh, there are medical standards for these things, as long as it remains legal, at least) will go on to have babies that will become people? Because I’m fairly certain that absolutely everyone on both sides of the debate already know that, as do all the women who have abortions.

  • rudi

    Not to be the cynic, but the womans story doesn’t add up. She claims to have survived an saline installation at seven months(3rd trimester.) But this procedure is done during the 2nd trimester, not the 3rd. Her weight from another site at the time of the abortion was under three pounds, not a weight for a 3rd trimester fetus.

    The defining moment of Melissa Ohden’s life arrived five days before she was born.

    Her biological mother entered St. Luke’s Medical Center in Sioux City on Aug. 24, 1977, as a pregnant, 19-year-old college freshman.

    She must have been scared. The teen from South Sioux City, Neb., was administered a saline infusion abortion – a salt injection designed to poison and burn the fetus as well as to induce labor.

    Yet Ohden survived and eventually was born at 3:40 p.m. Aug. 29 with a weak cry, weighing in at just 2 pounds, 14 ounces. Her skin was “relatively pink” with some bruises.

  • StockBoyLA

    I agree not a very good commercial, though it will rile up conservatives who already agree with the central message of the ad….. that Obama is a baby-killer. The purpose of the ad is to show that Obama voted against “baby rights”.

    However speaking as someone who is against abortion and who supports policies to help women make informed decisions whether or not to have an abortion, I think a similar ad (without the political message) would be beneficial. I don’t believe many Americans know about “failed” abortions. I think a series of videos with abortion survivors giving testimony (such as how this young woman started out) is a good idea. I don’t know the best way to get the message out… but perhaps have the videos available for viewing at places like Planned Parenthood. To be clear the videos would be available for viewing should someone want to see them.

    I’d be interested in feedback on the idea…. Is educating someone who wants an abortion about “failed” abortions helpful? Should the video be required for those women who want a late term abortion (as this apparently was) so they understand what the outcomes could be? Would that help them make a better decision?

  • Obama voted over and over to let them die.


    A pro-choice vote is just that: voting to let the mother make the choice, rightly or wrongly. It is a life or death decision that is theirs to make.

    The GOP talks about “limited government” and “personal responsibility”, but they use the former to refuse the latter

    That ad should be targeted at people not at government. Don’t right-wingers keep saying “government is the problem?” Then ACT LIKE IT! Let people make the choice themselves!

    God, it’s like talking to … um, an empty chair??

  • StockBoyLA

    Barky, LOL! You hit the nail on the head. Funny how conservatives CLAIM they want government out of people’s lives yet they want government to pass laws forcing people to live without options.

    The fight over gay marriage is the perfect example. Why on Earth should I let people like Kathleen McKinley or anyone else tell me who I should or should not get married to? Assuming she is married I’m sure she didn’t put het marriage in front of the 300 million Americans to vote on… to vote yea or nay. Yet Republicans feel that I should seek the blessing of strangers on who I should marry.

    Just to be clear… I don’t know whether KM supports gay marriage or not.. but the point remains the same… she feels it’s ok for Republicans to force their beliefs on others, while they themselves get to live and make their own decisions….

    When the Republicans stand up for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans I’ll start listening to them again.

  • slamfu

    Yea, what Barky said. Like Obama is there at the clinic giving a personal thumbs up or down. They keep trying to frame the argument in terms of liberals just LOVING abortion, its neat, everyone should have one, instead of a terrible choice all too many women have to make about the future of their lives. No one is a fan of abortion and I find it pretty disgusting how people like Kathleen McKinley portray those who simply want to not restrict a woman’s right to make up her mind about one of the most personal and life changing decisions of her life.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    My uncle Tito, who is from Mars, says that “men ought be licensed to have sex –if they make no one pregnant for a year, their licensee will be renewed.”
    from “Legends of Uncle Tito” ©2012 cp estes

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    In seriousness I’d agree with StockBoy, Barky, Slamfu, Roro, Rudy, Ohioan on many points: Too, there are holes in this women’s story wide enough to drive a bus through. Many of us have specific medical knowledge and this story doesnt add up. If true and purposeful, that is shameful on the speaker’s part. If filmakers edited the story without knowledge of actual growth of foetus, and ‘commercial’ doesnt hang credibly, then they’d need to revise immediately.

    As a person who hopes to ever preserve life, to do so requires truly able spokespersons not half-truths, I think, motivated not by politics, but by humane hope that many who arrive can be brought all the way through. But, the men have to take a part in this also, –I’d like to see commercial by a man about his abortion thoughts–being far more careful how they bring themlseves to making babies they say they do not want. We’ve heard all the tropes about baby baby I cant help myself, cant put effective birth control in place -whether women or men– because everything is so ‘hot.’ Well, bs. We have a huge population of children whose fathers have skipped. The children go without a father’s touch for all their lives because this one put the onus of birth control on the other. That’s bs. The responsibility to my mind is carried by both. Abortion is a private decision. If a woman or man asked my opinion, I’d speak about the child and life and not panicking. But MORE SO, the conversations and inculcation about birth control is the first boundary. And yes I know bc is not 100%. But without it, it’s 100% certain that there will be pregnancies without mothers and fathers committed to that child.

  • Abortion is a private decision. If a woman or man asked my opinion, I’d speak about the child and life and not panicking.

    You are a beautiful human being. 🙂

  • StockBoyLA

    What Barky just said. And love you, dr. E! Great comments.

  • CStanley

    There are medical reports posted on her ‘bio’ weblink that Rudi provided, so unless they are forged her story is accurate. It looks to me like what i think is being questioned here is gestational age, but remember this was in the 70s and they were mainly going on the mother’s report of last period, The document says she was supposed to be 18 weeks but then the mother at some point said she actually hadn’t had a period for two months before the date she initially told them (i am reading a bit between lines.)

    Not sure how they came up with 7 months, since that still would be in the sixth month, but that seems to be the gist anyway. It’s not like this is an isolated case either, it’s been documented before.

    And it doesn’t seem like thise rebutting the issue of Obama’s votes are getting the point. This wasn’t general prochoice legislation, it was specifically about a guarantee of medical care for babies who are born alive when abortions fail.

  • StockBoyLA

    I am not doubting the story of the failed abortion and her being born “alive”. I think there may very well be some information that doctors don’t quite have right and circumstances that don’t quite add up. It’s life and life is messy. There are also miracles in life that can’t easily be explained. If she says she is the product of a failed abortion, then I believe her.

    She has every right to make this political ad (and I would do the same if I were in the same situation). But I also think she should make apolitical messages and educate people that some later term abortions are not successful.

    If she makes political messages then many people will think her agenda is purely political and will turn their back on her story. If she speaks and educates from the heart and allow people to draw their own conclusions, then her message is clear, simple and more effective.

  • CStanley

    My impression iis that she is attempting to share her story and message in those other ways, SB.

  • ordinarysparrow

    This attempt is a small minded pro-life defense for very multilayer legislation…

    The face you put on Obama: ” how Obama voted over and over to let them die.” Speechless, shaking head. Do you really believe this kind of advocacy is effective? To politicize this issue is so very sad and short sighted…

    To better understand the complexity of the bill is here is a worthwhile post from Fact Check.Org: Obama and Infanticide…

    There is much more complexity than what Ms. McKinley would like to convey here.

  • ordinarysparrow

    ” The Truth Behind False, Outrageous Lies about Obama and ”Born Alive” Legislation

    “Senator Obama strongly supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. He believes that there is a moral and ethical element to this issue, and he believes that women do not make these decisions casually, but wrestle with them in consultation with their doctors, pastors and family. Senator Obama understands that some will disagree with him and choose not to support him, and he respects those with different opinions. But the recent attacks on Senator Obama that allege he would allow babies born alive to die are outrageous lies. The suggestion that Obama — the proud father of two little girls — and others who opposed these bills supported infanticide is deeply offensive and insulting. There is no room for these kinds of distortions and lies in this campaign. What Senator Obama?s attackers don?t tell you is that existing Illinois law already requires doctors to provide medical care in the very rare case that babies are born alive during abortions. They will not tell you that Obama voted against these laws in Illinois because they were clear attempts to undermine Roe v. Wade. They will not tell you that these laws were also opposed by pro-choice Republicans and the Illinois Medical Society — a leading association of doctors in the state. And they will not tell you that Obama has always maintained that he would have voted for the federal version of this bill, which did not pose such a threat. The bills Senator Obama voted against in Illinois were crafted to undermine Roe v. Wade or pre-existing Illinois state law regulating reproductive healthcare and medical practice, which is why Senator Obama objected to them.”

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