Panel Discussion on Obama’s Speech and the Palin Pick

For those of you who didn’t catch the show, we had a great panel discussion today on the radio. In the first half we discussed the Obama speech from last night and, in the second half, we covered the Palin nomination. Cindy and I were joined by my producer / wife / boss Georg, (a hard core liberal, feminist Democrat) along with our Editor-in-Chief here at TMV, Joe Gandelman. We were next joined by Fausta, of Fausta’s Blog and Mr. Showtime. Toward the end of the show, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air came on the line to give his take on the Palin nomination. It is a wide-ranging discussion with opinions from all parts of the political spectrum on both the Obama speech and Palin’s effect on the McCain campaign. Click on the player below to listen to the replay.

  • RememberNovember

    yeah, the average political blood sugar would put us in a coma….nice to connect the voices to the writers. Definitely puts mores more humanity to a sterile screen.

  • Jazz

    For everyone who keeps characterizing me as being “in the tank for McCain” or a “hard core conservative” (whatever that means today) please let me know if I still am.