Founding Parents


The HBO miniseries on John Adams began this evening and I was riveted.
Letting myself immerse into the story I swelled with pride and awe at the courage, tenacity, inspiration and skill of our founding parents. They let themselves rise from the frustration of tyranny to envision and commit to a new standard of rights for all of Humankind. It is so easy to take the American Idea for granted. But it was so unique and is still so fragile because it is the nature of power to seek to minimize the gifts we enjoy. If we don’t protect it, it could easily become an aching memory.


Born 1950, Married, Living in Austin Texas, Semi Retired Small Business owner and investor. My political interest evolved out of his business experience that the best decisions come out of an objective gathering of information and a pragmatic consideration of costs and benefits. I am interested in promoting Centrist candidates and Policies. My posts are mostly about people and policies that I believe are part of the solution rather the problem.