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Posted by on Jan 31, 2013 in International, Law, Media, Places, Politics, Religion | 0 comments

Hats off to Algeria for Rejecting U.S. Meddling in Hostage Crisis (Echorouk al-Yawm, Algeria)

Why is it that Algeria didn’t avail itself of help from the U.S. secret services in dealing with and tracking down terrorists who raided an Algerian gas facility, took 600 hostages, and left scores dead? Listening to FOX News, one might have thought this was due a desire by the Obama Administration to remain aloof. Not so, according to columnist Saleh Awad of Algeria’s Echorouk al-Yawm, who writes that the Algerian government, continuing a long tradition of suspicion with regard to Washington, justifiably rejected all American attempts to involve itself.

For the Echorouk al-Yawm, Saleh Awad starts off this way:

U.S. intelligence in the form of the “FBI” wants to behave in Algeria the way it does in Pakistan, Tunisia, Somalia, Libya, Qatar, the Gulf emirates and other Arab and Muslim countries. After the events in In Amenas, they took the opportunity to ask to come to Algeria to investigate and develop a security picture of the situation. The Americans weren’t mistaken in their calculations, and they didn’t flag in their efforts to take the pulse of Algeria in the hopes of treating it the way they treat many other Arab countries. Algeria’s rejection of their request was quick.

Here it is necessary to refer to the many ways Arabs humiliate themselves before the Americans to the point where some Arab rulers allow them to bomb their own populations, like in Yemen, and to accept American deployment on their soil to destroy another Arab country, as still others bring in the Americans to establish military bases on their soil and even pay their expenses.

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