Is Dennis Miller an Idiot?

There has been much written about Dennis Miller since his verbal assault on Harry Reid — the right loves him, the left, well, not so much — and I won’t reproduce my thoughts here.

But should you want to know why I think Miller is a pointless, irrelevant non-comedian who hasn’t been funny in years, as if this isn’t obvious to anyone who’s paid even the slightest attention to him, click here.


  1. Miller’s rant is just the mirror image of Olbermann’s daily fare.

  2. That’s an insult to Olbermann. Olbermann is actually funny.

  3. Jason Steck said,

    Miller’s rant is just the mirror image of Olbermann’s daily fare.

  4. It’s easy to forget that there is a Dennis Miller for months, even years, at a time.
    He’s an unfunny irrelevancy.

  5. Dennis Miller is like a right-wing version of Bill Maher. Both call themselves libertarians despite the fact that they both advocate some very unlibertarian beliefs-the different being that Maher often shills for the Democrats while Miller often shills for the Republicans.

  6. And neither of them are funny.

  7. Actually, I find Maher’s brand of humor annoying as well. Colbert and Stewart are funny.

  8. Funny… you want funny?

  9. While Olberman’s rants are an alternative for those on the Left, his pompous attitude is just as annoying as Billo. Why can’t his guest hosts do the “worst in the world”, maybe Keith’s ego is just as bloated as Billo’s.

    Side note, the latest version of Mozilla (Seamonkey) is great, no more bad “splellin”.

  10. Dennis Miller is a man who likes to believe himself very clever but based on actual knowledge of things such as science, the guy couldn't pass a 6th grade science test. He puts on creationists (IDers they call themselves) and when challenged about where a creator would come from he falls back on the “us religious believers just want to believe in our deity and you people are calling us stupid.” Well, if you can't answer where a deity came from and you have to state a deity exists because you want him to exist, then I have to question a person's reasoning ability.

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