Republican Jewish Coalition Excludes Ron Paul From Forum Due to Views

Here is yet another sign of how our politics have fallen in terms of allowing the free exchange of ideas that don’t fit into a perceived, informally required or existing cookie cutter pattern:

Next week, the Republican Jewish Coalition is planning a forum to be attended by all of the Republican candidates… with the notable exception of Ron Paul. Mais why?

Well, RJC executive director Matt Brooks told the Washington Jewish Week that Paul was not invited to attend because the organization “rejects his misguided and extreme views” concerning Israel. In addition, “he’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization” that inviting him to attend the forum would be “like inviting Barack Obama to speak.”

A few thoughts:

  • So Ron Paul who was in all these other debates and who in fact is showing some strong polling numbers in this place is excluded because of his views from a forum that is set up to get the views of the key candidates running for the GOP Presidential nomination?
  • As I’ve said here before, opposing ideas do not cause brain cancer.
  • If Paul’s ideas are so batty and extreme then given the fact he is in other debates why isn’t he allowed to attend and then given questions so he can be peppered with some tough, challenging questions — and try to them? What is the FEAR here? How can he uttering what he did about aid to Israel be so dangerous, such a threat that he is excluded from the forum? How does excluding him possibly convince Ron Paul’s followers that perhaps Paul is all wet and the better view is the one held by the RJC?
  • I’m Jewish and there are other TMV readers who are Jewish and this does not reflect the attitude of us. The world — and Israel — would not end if Paul was in the forum.
  • Unless I’m mistaken, a)Paul’s views are not like Barack Obama’s on many issues, b)Obama has not cut off aid to Isarel.
  • So this is basically a case of not liking a candidate’s stand and then excluding him. So him being just like Obama is pure political polemics.

    Now, let me get this straight: this now means that ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News would be justified in not letting a candidate on if they didn’t like their views?

    This would narrow it a bit for Fox — and an awful lot for the three networks.


    I wonder if the Republican Jewish Coalition was aware, when it made its decision, that Ron Paul has something of a dedicated following whose members enjoy seeking revenge on, or simply annoying to death, those who snub their candidate. In early 2008, some may recall, Ron Paul was abruptly kicked out of a Fox News debate. Shortly thereafter, a livid mob chased Sean Hannity out of a restaurant and through the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire, all the way back to his hotel. We recommend that these RJC folks wear comfy running shoes at all times for the next week or so, just in case. They should also not be surprised to receive a few hundred thousand angry emails.