Center of Attention


A round up of recent reporting and commentary by a few centrist, moderate, and independent bloggers.

Jeff Jarvis continues to examine old media that attempt to block new media, at their own risk. (Jeff would probably appreciate one of the panelists at a workshop I attended yesterday. That panelist said, perhaps not originally, that the NYT is no longer the nation’s paper of record. Google is.)

Ron Paul continues to captivate … at Donklephant and Good Will Hinton.

At Stubborn Facts, Rafique writes that the “third of Dems … totally sold out to far-Left insanity” are “hurting the Party, and more importantly, the country.”

GTL ponders why House Democrats might now be backing the surge until early autumn.

Steve Clemons finds Obama’s proposal for the auto sector intriguing and suggests that the candidate’s policy machine is starting to prove its mettle … thereby disproving Obama’s “all-hype-no-substance” critics.