In a way, if you follow American politics and the way anything is seized on and very quickly to either score political points or polarize, you KNEW this was coming. Our political Quote of the Day comes from The Washington Post’s Greg Sergant who notes how immigration reform foes are pouncing on the news about the Boston Bombing suspects to use it to battle immigration reform:

There’s still a lot we don’t know, but it’s being widely reported that the two suspects in the Boston bombing — one of whom has been killed by police — are brothers of Chechen origin. According to law enforcement sources, the brothers entered the U.S. in 2002 or 2003, and at least one of them has been a legal permanent resident since 2007.

Some on the right are already pouncing on the news to cast doubt on the desirability of immigration reform….

…It’s unclear thus far how widespread the effort among conservatives will be to connect the Boston bombing suspects to the immigration reform debate. But it’s certainly something that bears watching. If this argument picks up steam, it will be another indication of how ferocious the resistance on the right to immigration reform is going to get.

I’m not in the group of pundits who think that immgration reform is a slam dunk to receive GOP support in the end because it’s in the party’s interest. Bit by bit, all the things many (including an RNC report) said the Republican Party needed to do to rebrand is falling by the wayside.

And I believe immigration reform that won’t be so watered down that it is considered an insult by politicians and groups seeking immigration reform is doomed for another reason:

Rush Limbaugh is now against it

h/T on Sergant’s remarks to Andrew Sullivan.

JOE GANDELMAN, Editor-In-Chief
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  • slamfu

    Rush Limbaugh, and the majority of the GOP that is with him are not very smart about this. Latinos don’t just automatically vote Democrat. They vote that way because the majority of the GOP talking heads and elected officials crap all over them as welfare deadbeats stealing healthcare and Social Security every chance they get. To Rush et al. I would like to mention some facts:

    1) Latinos are religious
    2) They are socially conservative
    3) They are actually hard working and obviously believe in the American dream if they came all the way here to live

    Now lets say that the GOP treated them with a little respect instead of stereotyping them, and gave them some actual concessions with regards to immigration and a path to citizenship, I wonder what that would look like? Well, you don’t have to wonder because there is already a latino group that fits that description, the Cuban immigrants. Due to a law passed in 1964 passed to irk Castro, Cubans have protected status when they get here and a much easier path to citizenship. Also they represent a very solid voting demographic in Florida and are not used as a conservative punchline regarding welfare or otherwise mooching off the system. And guess who they largely vote for?

    If Rush & Co could take off the conservatives blinders long enough to see how big of an opportunity they are missing they might realize that doing a 180 on immigration could get them all the votes they need to lock up presidential races for the forseeable future. California would be up for grabs if they really wanted it.

  • dduck

    Rush is remembering Sacco and Vanzetti.