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Posted by on Aug 22, 2008 in At TMV, Politics, Religion | 33 comments

A Difficult Voting Decision for Evangelical Christians


Are these two men the best we can come up with for the highest office in the land? The more I find out about Barack Obama and John McCain; the more I want to abolish the two-party system that leaves us with the (lack of) choice we are left with in this presidential election.

As a Christian, both Obama and McCain have flaws that I am not comfortable with. In the case of Obama, it involves an issue of public policy that has moral implications. In the case of McCain, an immoral personal decision that has a connection to the type of policy decisions he may make as President of the United States.

I am not supportive of Obama’s stand on abortion. He has a 100% percent voting record from NARAL and has opposed a ban on partial-birth abortions. I will not go into an argument on when life begins or what the Bible teaches on the subject of abortion. It is interesting to note that the Bible mentions several instances when the Lord called and/or knew biblical personalities while they were still in the womb, including Jeremiah 1:5; John the Baptist (Luke 1:15); and the Apostle Paul (Galatians 1:15).

I understand the reluctance of some evangelical Christians to support Obama’s candidacy. How much of an impact will a policy direction of the Executive Branch have on the spiritual well-being of our country? How does his view on this issue affect other moral issues that he may have to deal with as President? These are important questions to ask and my hope is that better answers will be given to the electorate than Obama’s response at the Saddleback Church, “It is above my pay grade.”

For John McCain, the moral situation is not any better. John McCain was married to Carol Shepp until he participated in an extra-marital affair with Cindy Lou Hensley beginning in April 1979. McCain married Cindy Hensley in May 1980; just one month after securing a no-contest divorce from Carol. The covenant of marriage between two people is a very serious commitment. To keep from being an adulterer was so important to God that He listed it within the first set of instructions of the Mosaic Law directly from God to the children of Israel – The Ten Commandments.

The occasion of a marriage commitment is called a ceremony and so is the swearing-in of the President of the United States. Both events has the person(s) in a public setting verbally declaring their intentions to faithfully fulfill the commitment they are about to accept. Since FDR, every president has added the phrase “So Help Me God” to the constitutionally mandated oath of office. If John McCain could not keep his promise to his wife, how can we expect him to keep his promise to the country?

Abortion or Adultery – for Christians who are serious about their faith choosing between Barack Obama and John McCain is becoming a more difficult decision with every passing day. Abortion is morally wrong; Adultery is against a direct commandment of the Lord…I wonder if it is too late to pick two other people to run for President.


** For the record – I did not give an opinion if abortion should be legal in this country, in fact, if you read carefully I avoided making a pronouncement on the subject. The point of the post was to take a semi-objective look at serious issues with these two candidates from an evangelical perspective…not to make an evaluative judgment on either abortion or adultery.