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Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Health, Politics | 8 comments

The Wingnut Clown Car

clown car-1Well, at least we know who is in the front of the Republican clown car this week. It’s Dr, Ben Carson:

Dr. Ben Carson, the Republican right’s favorite African-American neurosurgeon, often says that President Obama’s health care law is the worst thing since slavery.

But in my recent interview with the good doctor—who is riding high in the presidential preliminaries, having come in a close second to Sen. Ted Cruz this past weekend in the Republican Leadership Conference’s much-ballyhooed straw poll—he upped the ante.

He claimed that Obamacare has been even more damaging to the United States than the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

“You said Obamacare was the worst thing that has happened to this coutry since slavery. Why do you think it was worse than 9/11?” I asked him.

And his reasoning:

Me: “Who do you think caused families more pain—Obamacare or Osama bin Laden?”

Carson: “Let me explain.”

Williams: “Let him answer the question!”

Carson: “Things that are isolated issues as opposed to things that fundamentally change the United States of America and shift power from the people to the government. That is a huge shift.”

Me: “Right. But what do you think caused specific families more pain—Obamacare or Osama?”

Carson: “You have to take a long term.”

Me: “You’re not answering the question.”

Carson: “Will you listen? You have to take a long-term look at the ascent of something that fundamentally changes the power structure of America. You have to be someone who reads. Who is well-read. I want you to go back tonight. I want you to pull out what Saul Alinsky says about health care under the control of the government.”

Wingnuterry at it’s best.

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  • slamfu

    Still way to early to take any guesses about 2016, but if these two are ranking this high in straw polls, looks like we might be in for another fun ride in the GOP Primaries.

  • sheknows

    Here is hoping he is a front runner for the party.
    The thing is, the Republicans are so stupid, I mean truly stupid, that they would put together a group like they did last time…and see nothing out of line. 🙂 I am sure this idiot looks like a winner to them.

  • dduck

    Much better than Sharpton too. 🙂

  • The_Ohioan

    Christie, Bush, and Paul are all the top picks in most non-straw polls. Most of those polls have Clinton at or near 50% and the Reps around 42%.

    But there’s no reason we can’t enjoy the clown car in the meantime even though those candidates probably won’t make it to the debates.

  • cjjack


    Here is hoping he is a front runner for the party.

    I’ll go one further…I hope he’s the nominee.

    Sure, it would be entertaining to watch this guy walk back his statement that Obamacare is worse than The Civil War, World War I, The Great Depression, World War II, Jim Crow, The Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Disco, and 9/11, but I hope he’s the nominee for another reason.

    The GOP (full disclosure, I used to be a Republican) has for far too long failed to embrace their values when it comes to Presidential politics. About the time Dr. Carson was still separating conjoined twins as a renowned surgeon, the GOP began to swing towards the crazy – except in the realm of nominees for the White House.

    Bush the elder was a pretty reasonable guy in retrospect. Bob Dole? I’d like an army of Bob Doles nowadays. Even George W. Bush seemed to be a moderate guy in a field of far right wingers. Maverick McCain was never really embraced by “the base,” and Mittens the Pander Bear tried so hard to be hard right it was painful to watch sometimes.

    So let’s have Dr. Ben Carson as the nominee. Let’s see if a guy who thinks a milquetoast health care law is worse than Hitler can win back the White House. Let’s get this guy up on a stage and have him represent the truth of what the GOP has become. Let him deny science (global warming and evolution) as loud as he can. Let him wield his Bible against the gays.

    If we’re lucky, Allen “I’m still fighting Communists” West will be his running mate.

    Put the crazy out there on center stage and let it sink or swim in the spotlight. No more moderates. No more compromises.

    And when it fails (as it should), perhaps the party of Lincoln can finally get back to some modicum of sanity.

  • sheknows

    So funny CJ. 🙂

  • bluebelle

    The way conservatives like Carson operate, is kind of like Ann Coulter. She says outrageous things that get her noticed so that the idiot base will buy her books. Carson has a recent book out, which I bet is why we are hearing so many idiotic things coming out of his mouth. Allen West operates similarly, raising money for his conservative Pac, when he bloviates.

    I refuse to believe that these people truly believe the moronic nonsense
    that they spew

  • Honest question:

    What did Saul Alinsky “say about health care under the control of the government.”

    I have to admit, I purchased his book “Rules for Radicals” but I am apparently too radical to have finished it.

    I guess I haven’t quite recovered from the 60s and 70s as I am not fascinated by gaining authority or becoming “the man”.

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