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Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 in At TMV, Society | 11 comments

Thanksgiving – In My Son’s Words


I was thinking of wishing our readers a Happy Thanksgiving with another one of my rambling yarns.

Fortunately, my son came to your rescue by writing in his blog a little piece explaining what he is thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Of course I am very biased, but I find his words very touching and appropriate, and — with his permission and with the editors’ indulgence — here they are.

I am thankful for

I was reading the news yesterday — yes it was on-line and not an actual newspaper (hey, I went old school with my daily planner, don’t take away ALL of my 21st century vices). I came across an article about a teenager — 16-year-old Olivia Wise — who lost her fight with cancer.

As a last wish she got to record Katy Perry’s “Roar.” The internet is full of articles like this. We read them, we cry, we thank God (or our higher power) for what we have, we spend an hour or so truly thankful and then we forget and start to complain again about how rough we have it. Traffic, bills, fights with our (ex)partners…

As you sit down with family and friends tomorrow remember what you are thankful for. Try to make the feeling of gratefulness last longer than just one day. Of course we have the obvious:


and my not-so-obvious:

My shoes (and clothes in general)
My ability to walk to the market and buy just about any kind of food I want
My books (all 385 of them)
My notebooks and journals (all 523 of them … yes I have a problem)
The fact that I figured out how to hook up my laptop to my TV
My humor
My ability to ignore things (if you ignore something bad it eventually goes away, it’s called Scarlet Syndrome)

No matter where you are tomorrow try to remember to be thankful for what you have — not for what you want. Yes, there is a difference.

This is how my son, David Dorian de Wind, describes himself.

Air Force brat, I have lived in Los Angeles since 1980. Frustrated artist. I have two dogs and a cat and love them all. I love to travel and entertain and I love to have people over to the house for wine around the fire pit. Oh, did I mention I was single. I know, I am amazed, too.

And did I mention that my son has a pretty good sense of humor and that we love him very much?

If you have read some of my columns, especially about prejudice and equal rights, you may have read about him, too.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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  • SteveK

    Thanks David (and you too Dorian) 🙂 … Happy Thanksgiving.

  • The_Ohioan

    Same to you and yours, Dorian, and everyone else at TMV. Guess that writing gene got passed along. 🙂

  • sheknows

    Thanks Dorian. The same to all of you and everyone here at TMV.
    We all have much to be thankful for in the big scheme of things. I have a small article fixed on my refrigerator about positive attitudes and health. Well, I hardly ever look at it anymore, so instead about two months ago I wrote a big sign and hung it in the front. ” Say Thank you” It is one of the things listed in the positive attitudes I never look at anymore.

    I can’t miss this one, and as soon as I see it I stop and say thank you for something I have.

    My best to all. Enjoy your families, friends, and day.

  • sheknows

    PS also forgot, Happy Hanukah Dorian! 🙂

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Hi T.O. and SK (Wish we could use names around here. It feels so strange to say “Hi” and everything else to initials):

    Thank you and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too.

    As to Happy Hanukah, “one-fourth thanks,” or something like that.

    One day, before it’s irrelevant, I’ll sit down with an expert in such things and figure out what the real “fraction” is. 🙂

  • KP

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dorian — and others at TMV. I love learning more about each of you and your families. It alters the way we discuss politics because the love for our families demand we be respectful. That’s how I write and that’s what I enjoy reading as well. And that is why Dorian, and Joe and Dr E are high on my list.

    KP is short for Coach KP, and Dr. Kevin Purcell, DC. But I like Kev in north America and Kevo down under. You can visit me in San Diego, anytime.

  • KP

    I apologize for not being able to give credit to the author(s):

    Simple yet, profound comments. Live the moment and look ahead.

    On Family: take care of each other.
    On Children: listen to them, they know more than you think, and above all, be patient.
    On Parenting: It never stops. Never compromise your love for your children, especially when you are very upset with them.
    On Failure: it’s good for you.
    On Success: you will not achieve it until you go through hardship.
    On Volunteering: don’t do it because I do it, do it because you feel you may want to — not that you have to; rather, that you may want to —- give it a chance — the rest will take care of itself. We are here on this earth to help each other.
    On Love: give it and know how to receive it.
    On Listening: It is one of life’s finest assets. It is more important than you think.
    On Art: take time to appreciate some sort of art — in some small way — it’s good for you.


  • sheknows

    Well, my percentage is 50% Jewish and my first name is Sheila ( now you know where the She part comes from. The second part comes from my maiden last name) I was called sheknows in High school! they spelled it nose.)

    Don’t care if the people here know my name. I have no enemies and anyway….we know yours and a few others. 🙂

    Happy holidays everyone.

  • ordinarysparrow

    Thanks Dorian’s David and Dorian for giving thanks to Thanksgiving…

    May all be mildly stuffed and richly blessed…

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Thank you, Sheila and Kev. (See, I feel much better already 🙂 )

    Also, thank you, Ordinary Sparrow

  • DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist

    Thank you, Steve, and welcome back (Your comment finally showed up and way up front)

    Hope you are enjoying yours


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