The Moment Karl Rove Imploded on Fox

WASHINGTON – It was a historic collapse of credibility. A moment in time when the American people had spoken loudly. However, on Fox News Channel, Karl Rove went deaf. Dumb. Blind. He took along with him Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, who evidently didn’t have the power to push him off camera in favor of math and facts and the voters speaking loudly. It was the culmination of coverage on the cable network that had been foreshadowed by weeks of hyper partisan coverage of Benghazi, worse than their usual fair, when the rest of the country was focused on the economy.

The remarkable spectacle on Fox News Channel culminated in an epic explosion once Ohio was called for President Obama and he was reelected the 44th president of the United States.

It began when Chris Wallace announced that the Romney campaign was disputing the numbers coming out of Ohio. Moments later Karl Rove starts spinning out the names of counties trying to prove the race had not been won.

In the middle of all this Charles Krauthammer begins a monologue, hissing invectives at Obama, illustrating why Mitt Romney and Republicans deserved to be taken out.

It happened in a way that no one on Fox News Channel saw coming, because the possibility was too horrible for them to consider.

For days, Fox has been spinning that Mitt Romney was surging. Then after it was clear they couldn’t prove it they started shifting the story and blaming Romney’s faltering on nor’easter Sandy, which continued earlier in the night with Bill O’Reilly, their #1 host.

From Dick Morris pontificating about a “landslide” to Sean Hannity’s hit squad, the hatred for the President has dripped day after day, crafting a narrative that a Romney win was in hand. No evidence, just malarkey.

Then tonight hit and Karl Rove couldn’t believe it.

At one point Megyn Kelly got up to go back stage to talk to the statisticians making sure the count was right out of Ohio. They looked genuinely surprised that she was confronting them, though very nicely. The only reason she went back there was because Karl Rove was blowing a gasket on air.

Kelly came back to the set, while Bret Baier looked over his shoulder for Rove, after calling him back on stage. Then suddenly after he came on stage, Michael Barone was summoned as well.

Barone started talking, everyone clearly trying to appease Karl Rove, who was going through the political version of water torture on air. The entire Fox News audience saw the naked cravenness of their favorite channel not being able to accept that Team Obama had beaten the Romney team, with Karl Rove bereft of legitimacy after being exposed for trying to spin that the election was falsely called, thus making Obama illegitimate.

Barone told Rove it was over.

The entire spectacle was a fitting crescendo and finale to what has been building for weeks, as Fox analysts made up out of whole cloth that Mitt Romney would not only win, but do so handily, while there was no evidence to prove their assertions.

Steve Hayes later said, “The polling was more accurate than it wasn’t.”

This is not what happened.

The coverage on Fox was pure fiction. They lied. They said the polls were “skewed.” That up was down. They were made fools by saying otherwise, with conservatives also trying to humiliate Nate Silver in the process.

What’s even worse is that they sucked in their audience who lapped up this wholly ridiculous narrative they were spinning, because the earnest hatred through which it was delivered missed the truth about this country.

Mitt Romney’s campaign and Fox News Channel, along with right wing radio, not only ignored minorities, but told the white audience that laps up the hatred they spew day in and day out towards Barack Obama, that the Millenials, Hispanics and African Americans don’t exist and that women are going to put up with our bodies being made into “social issues” that can be used like poker chips. Democrats do that with women too, but at least it usually ends up to our benefit.

If Fox News was an employee they’d be fired and unable to get hired in the business again.

Nate Silver was correct and beat all the poll hacks pushing false narratives, but are respected simply because they’re paid by the establishment elite. He’ll be serving crow on the mezzanine deck the rest of the month.

As for Karl Rove, I’ve been waiting 12 frickin’ years for this malevolent egomaniac to get his due, but I never dreamed I’d get to watch his unmaking on Fox News in prime election time.

Thank you President Obama for delivering Karl Rove’s head on a plate.

Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Duckworth, Tammy Baldwin, Claire McCaskill… and on and on… winning was the main course, but The Architect trussed on a platter was a spectacular dessert.

Taylor Marsh, a veteran political analyst and former Huffington Post contributor, is the author of The Hillary Effect, available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. Her new-media magazine covers national politics, women, foreign policy, and the politics of sex.

Romney Can’t Blame Losing on Sandy

THE MIRACLE of the first debate allowed Mitt Romney to stay in the race. President Obama helped in making this happen, otherwise there would have been a growing gap between the candidates that likely would have ended in a rout. But the next two debates slowly brought President Obama back, performing like an athlete who has to get down and almost be counted out before the resurrection and rise begins. By the time nor’easter Sandy made landfall Obama was back in the driver’s seat, where he’d been for months.

Just because Republicans and their friends in the media started talking about a Romney surge doesn’t make it so.

Dick Morris’s proclamation of a Romney “landslide” was always pure fantasy, the method of pumping up the GOTV efforts that Republicans had to do at the end. It was joined by others saying Romney will win, including Michael Barone. Now Dick Morris warns of “sudden danger signs” in the polls, as he tries to turn his ship away from the epic crash to reality.

All of these changes are, no doubt, related to hurricane Sandy. – Dick Morris

If only this right wing crank would follow this ludicrous theory to its obvious conclusion. God wanted to help Obama to prove he wasn’t really a Muslim. Where’s Pat Robertson when you need backup?

The Joe Scarborough team began weaving the Sandy narrative today as a preemptive reason for Romney’s possible loss, based on President Obama being able to look “presidential,” which indeed he did.

Next we’re going to hear that Gov. Chris Christie helped elect him, though I’d like to be around when some Republican explains this logic to Christie.

President Obama’s approval skyrocketed in the aftermath of Sandy, the best since the killing of Osama bin Laden, but he had already begun to slowly and steadily regain what he’d lost after the first debate.

But, while the storm and the response to it may account for some of Mr. Obama’s gains, it assuredly does not reflect the whole of the story. Mr. Obama had already been rebounding in the polls, slowly but steadily, from his lows in early October — in contrast to a common narrative in the news media that contended, without much evidence, that Mr. Romney still had the momentum in the race. – Nate Silver

Look at the polls on how people are now feeling about the economy. President Obama remains in the danger zone of approval, below 50% most places, but Romney has never, at any time, been able to overtake him.

If you’re going to go out on a cracked limb to cite Sandy, you could just as easily cite Mitt Romney’s offensively false Jeep ad in Ohio as the dealbreaker for him in a state he simply must win, because Obama long ago locked up other battleground states. The local press was brutal on Romney’s Jeep ad, complete with car executives refuting Romney’s lies. The re-emergence of Romney’s “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” was a fresh reminder of the jobs Ohioans wouldn’t have had if Romney would have been in the White House.

You could also cite Richard Mourdock and the reminder of the Todd Akin crazies who believe women should be forced to give birth if raped or a victim of incest. Suburban women may be skeptical of Obama on the economy, but at the final moment when they decide to vote most women will simply not pull the lever for anyone who has been quoted on air that he’d sign a “personhood” amendment that puts a fertilized egg above the woman herself.

Republicans and other religious conservatives need to understand that a woman’s body is not a “social issue.”

And then there’s President Obama’s number one surrogate, President Bill Clinton, who has done the lion’s share of work in getting the working class vote back on Obama’s side, but also driving the economy message home, which began in the mother of all convention speeches that will be remembered and cited whenever the 2012 election is remembered.

Toss in Obama’s demographic advantage, which Republicans don’t like to talk about, and Mitt Romney has serious challenges that no poll can wipe away.

Throughout this race Mitt Romney has performed below what was required to beat an incumbent president. He has been able to get close or even tie Obama according to local polls, as well as meaningless national polls, but Romney has never, not once, at any time been able to overtake President Obama, except in the deep red south.

Political losers always have to find a reason for why they did not prevail, so Team Romney and Republicans in 2012 will be no different.

The next thing you’ll hear is how badly they need Paul Ryan in 2016, because Mitt Romney isn’t a real conservative, so he was bound to lose in the end.

Democrats should be so lucky.

Taylor Marsh, a veteran political analyst and former Huffington Post contributor, is the author of The Hillary Effect, available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. Her new-media magazine covers national politics, women, foreign policy, and the politics of sex.

Obama ‘Bit Off More than He Could Chew’: La Jornada, Mexico

Where did it all go wrong for President Obama and the Democrats? Or did it? According to columnist Jorge Camil of Mexico’s La Jornada, Obama has taken on too many battles in too short a time, all while confronting Republican and right-wing media opposition that has sought his defeat from the day he was elected.

For La Jornada in our neighbor to the south, Jorge Camil writes in part:

As Obama struggled with the economic crisis, against the banks and the generals who were reluctant to abandon Iraq, the recalcitrant Right had, from his first day in office, mounted a battle to the death to prevent his reelection. Bill O’Reilly, advisor to Felipe Calderon Dick Morris, Bush’s chief strategist Karl Rove, and Sarah Palin, now a political commentator (all oracles of Fox News), decided that Obama would be a one-term president. We will see the results of that war with the legislative elections on November 2. (All forecasts suggest that many Democratic candidates will be defeated).

As the saying goes, you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. And in Obama’s case, the president decided all at once to end the economic crisis (hasn’t happened yet), fight the lords of Wall Street (who are winning the game), defeat the Taliban (a task that the great powers have failed to achieve), punish British Petroleum and pass a health care reform law, which sapped his popularity only halfway through his term. As a consequence, the man that seemed so invincible on the day of his election is now struggling to win the midterm elections. He needs a win to carry out his program and lend credibility to his government in in order to launch his re-election bid in 2011.

It’s true that in many ways, the Right has helped undermine Obama’s popularity. But none more than those who began to imply sotto voce that the United States wasn’t ready for an African-American leader. Others started to repeat a hackneyed argument that did considerably damage to him during his campaign: the thesis is that his successful experience as a community leader in the slums of Chicago failed to prepare him for assuming the U.S. presidency. That argument is particularly compelling now that U.S. supremacy is being challenged by the emergence of China and the Asian powers. All predictions say sustained economic growth over the next ten years will be in Asia.

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The First Jewish President (Guest Voice)

The First Jewish President
by Tom Watson

In the same way that Bill Clinton was the first black President even though he isn’t black, Jon Stewart is our first Jewish President – even though .. you know … he isn’t President.

Strafing the yapping cable media like a Dockers-clad Snoopy on his dog house was good fun (he does this nightly, folks). Staking out new ground for true centrism – which is to say, the new American norm – was deadly serious. And with flags swirling to the breeze before hundreds of thousands of souls on the Mall, Stewart promoted a muscular, practical form of big tent progressivism that – quite frankly – rose well above what the White House and Congressional leadership offer in direct political vernacular.

Stewart seems to have an innate understanding of this moment in American cultural and political history that both major parties, and President Obama’s team of image-makers, don’t seem to grasp. With a veteran comic’s sense of the audience, he knows where the veins are and that knowledge reveals both a moderate electorate and a socially progressive trajectory; what I got from Stewart that I don’t get from Obama or Reid or Pelosi is the open realization that this country is inexorably moving to the left on social issues related to tolerance – that the United States has and always will continue in that general direction, at least if viewed in 20-year chunks. It’s not a theory or a polemic of an ideology on Stewart’s part. It’s reporting. It’s listening. And it’s bringing back this frankly welcome view that a massive swath of the citizenry supports core values of progressivism – more open government, respect and diversity, civil rights widely applied. And if that’s the case, there’s fertile territory for the real work of government.

That new ground established, Stewart’s approach to the nitty-gritty is the comic’s timely shrug – a gesture honorably (and hilariously) rooted in generations of Jewish-American humor. Or New York humor. With a dash of blarney thrown in. Humor that is self-deprecating and deeply tied to assimilation, commonality of experience, and the wider community. Humor that rips down pomposity and entertains the unwashed poor, whether in cramped Vaudeville houses or the Comedy Channel. No rabbi is safe humor. No politician off limits humor. Equalizing humor. My humor. Which is to say, the humor of my generation – the same shoulder generation as Barack Obama and Jon Stewart (very late Boomers, early Gen-Xers, darkly cynical to the very structure of its DNA). The humor of sanity.

And the sanity of open imperfection and recognized difference as well. In some sense that’s what Stewart’s surprisingly moving message went fishing for. The frame isn’t about these meshugenah mid-term elections. It’s not about President Obama (though Stewart got a prickly and somewhat deluded President the other night, I thought). In watching the video highlights last night, I thought I saw the kind of open-source message that doesn’t pretend a slogan or a website or even a spiffy blue-themed GOTV social media campaign has all the answers – something that moves beyond the notion of winning and losing, up and down.

Yeah it probably won’t be a big hit. And by next week, the lame-ass headline will be “How Can Obama Save His Presidency?!” with suggestions ranging from concern-trolling Dick Morris to the clueless Elmer Fudds of the DNC. But I think Jon Stewart surprised a few people yesterday (you could tell by the prissy, seemingly hurt mainstream media responses – especially the “liberals”). And maybe he made a few Democrats and independents think about how they interract with media and politics. Or maybe it’s just a few yucks.

In any case, next year in Jerusalem.

Tom Watson is a longtime blogger, journalist and progressive commentator. He is the author of CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World (Wiley, 2008 – paperback December, 2010) and principle of CauseWired, a consulting firm in New York. [Link –] This post is cross posted from his blog.

Dick Morris Predicts Republican Tidal Wave Will End Public Education Dominance

File this in your Here We Go Again File. Dick Morris, who was once a solid political operative truly considered at the top of the game who worked for members of both parties, is now predicting that a massive Republican tidal wave in November will virtually put an end to public education’s dominance since GOP power will mean people can now choose to send their kids to private schools.

GO HERE to read Crooks & Liars’ Heather Saturday’s take on it. And here, courtesy of C&L, is the video so you can watch and make up your own mind:

That’s truly a dramatic prediction — about change that would dwarf the kind of change on the left/center-left that Barack Obama is trying to do.

But it most likely will not be the reality. To wit:

  • Right now it most certainly seems as if the GOP will make big gains. But the GOP is facing a problem. Historically the party not holding the White House makes gains two years into a President’s term. If there will truly be a Republican landslide it will require a)voter disgust with Obama and the Democrats b)a general feeling that the economy is still just, plain lousy, c)Democratic bumbling, d)White House incompetence on some issues or crises, e) a bigger enthusiasm gap between GOPers and Democrats, f)a better Republican get out the vote operation on election day (Karl Rove is reportedly working on organizing)and — a big factor — e)that the Republicans don’t alienate swing voters and even some Democrats by partisan hubris, overreaching, politics that only appeal to Tea Party members, or excess that sparks independent voter backlash. In other words: it really is not a “given” yet that Republicans will “own” Congress (as much as lobbyists currently do) after the elections. It looks bad for the Dems — but much can change between now and November. A defeat and a massive landslide are not the same things. Rather than hear what a partisan with a Fox news contract is himself rooting for, if you truly want to follow the rev-up to 2010 go to THIS PAGE to see how it’s shaping up.
  • We’re already seeing that it’s hard to bring about major change. If the GOP wins and tries to change education, unless it has the votes, it would have to override an Obama veto. Most likely outlook: ain’t gonna happen.
  • Dick Morris is an excellent, intriguing writer, a fun partisan talking head to listen to, and a reliable lock-step Republican on almost any issue these days. But his record in solid political predictions is that he is accuracy challenged. If you want to read, listen to and follow someone who has a reliable record in terms of analysis and political prediction follow THIS GUY.