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Posted by on Sep 1, 2013 in At TMV, International, Military, Politics, War | 6 comments

Sign On President Obama’s Desk: The Buck Stops Somewhere Else

There are so many reasons why giving congress a chance to vote on whether to punish Syria for using poison gas is a stupid idea, I won’t even bother running through the long list. Here’s just one reason that you may not have considered — and which Mr. Obama clearly hasn’t: If congress does approve (and that is questionable), it won’t just give a yes or no. It will approve with all manner of other strings.

The go-ahead may be tied to demands related to retaliation for strikes against U.S. targets; retaliation from Syria or one of its allies against Israel; limits on what Mr. Obama is legally bound to do when considering any other military strike anywhere and at any time. And then, of course, there’s the Tea Party factor.

If the president wants their votes to give him approval he doesn’t really need under the War Powers Act, will the Tea Party demand concessions on the debt limit and other budgetary matters in return? Why would anyone watching congress in recent years think they wouldn’t?

Most two-term presidents wait until their last year or two in office to become lame ducks. Mr. Obama is racing toward irrelevance much earlier. America deserves so very much more in our president, in our congress, in our top court. Cry the beloved country!

(Michael Silverstein’s newest book is The Devil’s Dictionary Of Wall Street)

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  • dduck

    This reminds me of the guy about to punt from his end zone, dropping the ball, picking it up and getting sacked resulting in a TD for the other side.

    And, I agree, if GB had voted yes, we would not be now talking about congress (Obama could have done what Cameron did and call the folks to Washington), we would be talking about the shot across the bow or the symbolic strike, etc.
    Maybe not leading from behind, perhaps leading from within.

  • JSpencer

    On one hand Obama is playing it smart (as Ron B. said, “calling their bluff”) but as we know, anytime we depend on congress to accomplish something we’re pretty well skewered. I’m sure I could round up enough people at random in the small town closest to me to replace all the US Senators and Reps and they would do a better job.

  • RickKC

    Riiiight. The “Tyrant”, the “Dictator”, the guy that is going to be impeached for being “lawless”, The guy who goes around the Constitution by making “illegal” Executive Orders is now guilty of not doing something on his own and including Congress in a decision. He knows that if he made the decision himself, to go or not to go, it would be further proof that he “Hates America”.

  • KP

    I’m sure I could round up enough people at random in the small town closest to me to replace all the US Senators and Reps and they would do a better job.

    JSpencer serving up some smashfest. Agree.

  • The_Ohioan

    So, all those congress folk are going to vote against showing terrorists that using lethal gas against opponents (including us) is forbidden? Really?

  • dduck

    Right. 🙂

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