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Posted by on Mar 5, 2008 in Uncategorized | 15 comments

She Lives To Die Another Day

Yes, I’m being skeptical, but I’m in a bad mood. I’m a Huckabee and Obama (Chicago Rules!) fan. Mike dropped out and Barry lost Texas and Ohio by a larger margin than expected. But I’m holding on to the math argument, right?

I’m not going to knock Hillary’s game. She’s on it and got it done. She showed that she’s tough and can fight just as dirty as any male candidate without shedding a tear. I also have to give her a kudos for her SNL appearance last weekend. I never thought she wasn’t capable of the job, I just didn’t want her to get it. When she was on death’s door, I said that we should never rule out a Clinton until they say they’re out, which they never do. But the momentum is hers. No president from the blue or red team has won the White House without winning the Ohio primary, so…..

But the real story about last night is the press; meaning how its acted starting a little over a week ago. Although a win in Texas and a surprisingly large double-digit win in Ohio aren’t to be ignored, what’s more important is that she is managing the message and taking control of the campaign. She targeted the press for what she describes as bias and got them to start criticizing Obama more to cover their hide. Which is odd because it seemed as if they were blaming Barry for the fact that they’ve been so easy on him. It’s not his fault, but that’s another story. Hills has already gotten the press to overlook Mississippi and Wyoming as if Pennsylvania is the next primary.

Some of the more interesting media takes:

A tense Democratic race heads to Pa. –
Clinton bounces back with key wins; race stretches on –
Clinton wins key primaries, CNN projects; McCain clinches nod –
ON DEADLINE: Democrats Fret Long Battle – Yahoo! News
In 2 Battlegrounds, Voters Say, Not Yet – New York Times
My Way News – Clinton Wins. Now What?
Clinton Beats Obama in Texas and Ohio; McCain Clinches Republican Nomination –
Big Wins for Clinton in Texas and Ohio; McCain Clinches Race as Foe Concedes – New York Times

In addition to her hold on the media, she brought it hard with the ads and the speeches insulting Obama’s “rhetoric” and has everyone acting as if Obama’s lead on delegates (which is much the same as it was on Monday) and the fact that he’s won twice as many states as her doesn’t even matter. Most importantly, she got Barry off his game. He has stopped doing what has worked for him in response to her harsh criticism. So does he start going dirty? Part of his image, his appeal is that he’s above it all. But doesn’t he have to fight? She’s going for the jugular and the win. He needs to start doing the same.

OBAMA (26)
AK, AL, CO, CT, DC, DE, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, KS, LA, MD, ME, MN, MO, ND, NE, SC, UT, VA, VT, WA-p, WA-c, WI

AR, AZ, CA, FL, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, RI, TN, TX-p

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  • cosmoetica

    Angela: I think his game paln is to let Hillary gnaw and gnaw until she does herself in.

    She can ONLY win, it seems, the big machine states, which will mostly go D anyway. O can win some Southern and Western states D’s have not won in decades.

    And he has won some big states- Va & Ct among them.

  • casualobserver

    Obama and Huckabee, Angela? Lacking further rationale from you, I am left to guess you appreciate a good pulpit delivery. Watching all 4 last night, I’ll give you this…….Obama brings that cadence, those almost rhyming linkage of phrases, that rising and falling intonation…….that must leave the Reverend Jackson green with envy. I would have dropped a Hamilton in the collection basket if it was passed around.

    You should actually be copacetic with the turn of events. Your man is much better off getting punched by someone who probably can’t dethrone him than one who can.

    Be pragmatic, if none of it brings him down before June, it won’t bring him down later.


    Wait. You believe that HILLARY made the press go after Obama? I don’t understand how you think she suddenly gained this power. If anyone’s complaints influenced them, I like to think the complaints were those of bloggers like me. I am a big Hillary fan—now more than ever— and I am not too impressed with Obama.

    I actually hope that the media goes after him now the way they should have done before. Exelon, Rezko, NAFTA, and the rest—-people need to know all the facts. I have faith, because I think he’s basically a good guy, that the dirt won’t stick, but I don’t want him installed as candidate till I understand the shadier bits of his past. There has been almost no media coverage in this country of anything in Obama’s history that might cast doubt on his absolute sincerity or on his credentials. I mean, just a couple of years ago—you can see this on You Tube—he was saying himself that it would be absurd for him, a freshman senator with no experience, to run for president. If he doesn’t know this, who would?

    The fact is a SUBSTANTIAL number of Dems feel the same way I do. I’m sorry so many TMV bloggers are so angry and sad, but the message shouldn’t be that Hillary is eeeeevil and forced the media to bow to her will—-that’s just highly improbable—but that the media finally heeded the angry cries of the much-neglected Hillary-supporting faction of the Democratic party.

    I want her to fight on right down to the finish line. In Florida, the governor is talking of allowing us a second primary. I hope he does so. I am resigned to having Obama as my candidate if I have to, but I don’t want that (or at least not now).

    At any rate, don’t blame HIllary for the fact that the press is finally waking up and starting to look at Obama as something other than an untouchable icon. Blame Tina Fey, blame the pro-Hillary bloggers, blame her supporters, and blame everyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with Barack Obama. On behalf of us all, I’m really sorry you’re disappointed. But if he really is the best candidate, I’m convinced that asking him to account for some things will only make this clearer.

    And I’m fine if the press does the same for Hillary—as they definitely have and will.

  • DLS

    It’s not over yet. Nobody can be confident until Pennsylvania. And don’t forget the outlaw Florida and Michigan delegates. They as the state’s official delegates can’t be seated, but what if the number of superdelegates got increased, to include new people from Florida and Michigan — who just happened to be some or all of those same delegates? I wish they’d just hold new elections there. Why not after Pennsylvania or on that same date, to make things even more interesting?

  • Macan

    Cosmoetica said: “I think his game paln is to let Hillary gnaw and gnaw until she does herself in.”

    Uh…Cosmo, you probably did not notice…but what Hillary has been gnawing on are Obama’s innards.

    Give her her due, man. Hillary Clinton is the Undead. Obama outspent her 2-1 on television advertising in Texas…and even with a sloppy Clinton campaign in Texas…he could not take her down. Amazing.

    I don’t like Hillary Clinton at all….but my respect for her has grown immensely in these recent weeks of the campaign…as she held up beneath the political Obits…sent Bill to Siberia…worked her ass off before dawn every day…shamed the media for drinking the Obama Kool-aid and giving him a pass…and opened a full barrage on Obama.

    In contrast, look at Obama fleeing after 8 tough questions on Rezko the other day.

    The contrast is striking. If I were Obama, I would be hoarding Holy Water and garlic, cuz this race ain’t over by a long shot.

  • Macan

    CasualObserver said: “Obama and Huckabee, Angela? Lacking further rationale from you, I am left to guess you appreciate a good pulpit delivery. ”

    Hahahaha…yah, that one threw me for a loop too.

    You see people from all SEVEN sides of the aisle here at TMV!

  • DLS

    “I am left to guess you appreciate a good pulpit delivery”

    The silliest of the Obama groupies, those who are also so hateful toward Clinton (often arising from rabid anti-US-war-and-related-efforts pathologies) that we who dislike her will defend her, deserve to see Obama make a concession speech that would make them react the way the faithful reacted to Swaggart’s confession speech: shocked, stunned, collapsed on the floor, sobbing…for them, befitting.

  • DLS

    “Hillary Clinton is the Undead”

    Just like McCain, with a better chance to be elected. She should make one or two remarks about McCain in that light the next time she makes her perfunctory quasi-nice statement about the opposition.

  • Macan

    DLS said: “”Hillary Clinton is the Undead” Just like McCain, with a better chance to be elected.”

    Heh-heh. Yah, I can see the Presidential Debate now: “Pale and Pallor”

    Clinton and McCain will probably conclude the debate in a feast of bipartisanship over some succulent newborn babes…with Clinton picking her teeth with Obama’s bones.

  • PaulSilver

    I respect Hillary and her aims. But I think achieving a democratic presidency is more at risk with her at the top of the ticket, if the only way for her to win is to make it a street fight.

  • cosmoetica

    Macan : Uh…Cosmo, you probably did not notice…but what Hillary has been gnawing on are Obama’s innards.

    People focus too much on the last thing. Since Super Tuesday, when Hillary was expected to bury Obama, he’s won 12 of 15 states, and gone from dead even to a 100 or so delegate lead. That’s w no attack ads, rising above it, and having money in the bank, while the Clinton machine is in hock.

    What will the narrative be if, as expected, Obama wins Wyoming and Mississippi, and his lead is back to what it was Monday?

    It shows how easily the press is duped by theatrics and lack of real substance. It also shows how a radical change in politicking still befuddles the masses. Like him or not, Obama is doing things HIS way, and winning against the most famous woman in the world.

    And it kills folk like Damozel, whose hair is still on end.

  • DLS

    The two governors (of FL and MI) demand that the delegates be seated.

    Outlaw delegate supporters of the world, unite! heh, heh

  • DLS

    “Clinton picking her teeth with Obama’s bones”

    She suggested a Clinton-Obama ticket and that’s where I say she showed poor timing. It made her look weak, like someone in the water clutching a life preserver offering to help someone sitting in a boat. The race is far from over but neither party “owns” this nomination yet and Clinton wasn’t in a position to make Obama an offer he shouldn’t refuse.

  • pacatrue

    Those two governors are wrong and should be ignored.

  • StockBoySF

    DLS: the link to “” is by a Hillary supporter (just look at the “About Us” tab. The petitioner claims that he (or she) is an uninterested party in this, but clearly he (or she) does have an interest. Saying otherwise doesn’t make it so. But it’s nice that he (or she) put on that disclaimer. Thanks for the link!

    Does anyone know of a “anti-seatourdelegates” link that can counter this one? 🙂

    Besides FL’s governor is a Republican…. I guess if he wants the Dem delegates seated he’s hoping that it will boost Hillary.

    It seems that there is truly a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and in this case they are actually supporting and hoping Hillary will win! Who would have thought in the 1990s that Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives (including, possibly, the guv of FL) would be rooting for Hillary! 🙂

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