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Posted by on Mar 5, 2008 in Uncategorized | 15 comments

She Lives To Die Another Day

Yes, I’m being skeptical, but I’m in a bad mood. I’m a Huckabee and Obama (Chicago Rules!) fan. Mike dropped out and Barry lost Texas and Ohio by a larger margin than expected. But I’m holding on to the math argument, right?

I’m not going to knock Hillary’s game. She’s on it and got it done. She showed that she’s tough and can fight just as dirty as any male candidate without shedding a tear. I also have to give her a kudos for her SNL appearance last weekend. I never thought she wasn’t capable of the job, I just didn’t want her to get it. When she was on death’s door, I said that we should never rule out a Clinton until they say they’re out, which they never do. But the momentum is hers. No president from the blue or red team has won the White House without winning the Ohio primary, so…..

But the real story about last night is the press; meaning how its acted starting a little over a week ago. Although a win in Texas and a surprisingly large double-digit win in Ohio aren’t to be ignored, what’s more important is that she is managing the message and taking control of the campaign. She targeted the press for what she describes as bias and got them to start criticizing Obama more to cover their hide. Which is odd because it seemed as if they were blaming Barry for the fact that they’ve been so easy on him. It’s not his fault, but that’s another story. Hills has already gotten the press to overlook Mississippi and Wyoming as if Pennsylvania is the next primary.

Some of the more interesting media takes:

A tense Democratic race heads to Pa. –
Clinton bounces back with key wins; race stretches on –
Clinton wins key primaries, CNN projects; McCain clinches nod –
ON DEADLINE: Democrats Fret Long Battle – Yahoo! News
In 2 Battlegrounds, Voters Say, Not Yet – New York Times
My Way News – Clinton Wins. Now What?
Clinton Beats Obama in Texas and Ohio; McCain Clinches Republican Nomination –
Big Wins for Clinton in Texas and Ohio; McCain Clinches Race as Foe Concedes – New York Times

In addition to her hold on the media, she brought it hard with the ads and the speeches insulting Obama’s “rhetoric” and has everyone acting as if Obama’s lead on delegates (which is much the same as it was on Monday) and the fact that he’s won twice as many states as her doesn’t even matter. Most importantly, she got Barry off his game. He has stopped doing what has worked for him in response to her harsh criticism. So does he start going dirty? Part of his image, his appeal is that he’s above it all. But doesn’t he have to fight? She’s going for the jugular and the win. He needs to start doing the same.

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