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Posted by on Feb 25, 2009 in At TMV, Economy, Politics | 8 comments

Quit Pro Quo

“We are not quitters.” That is the message that President Obama gave to the nation last night.

As you know, I print out the transcripts of major speeches so I can give you my take on the message while giving you the direct words from the address. So here is my two cents on Obama’s speech last night:

We were told that Obama doesn’t “believe in bigger government” but he is proposing subsidizing banks, the automotive industry and “creating a new lending fund to help provide auto loans, college loans, and small business loans.”

We were told that Obama has “told each member of my Cabinet as well as mayors and governors across the country that they will be held accountable for every dollar they spend” but that the national government is moving recklessly ahead with universal health care (after nearly a century of talking about it) “so let there be no doubt: health care reform cannot wait, and it will not wait another year.”

As a fiscally responsible moderate, I am amazed that Obama is getting away with this rhetoric. There are a lot of promises but no way of paying for these programs, plus providing a tax cut, and paying for K-12 and higher educational access to every American, while reducing the size of the deficit. Obama said “given these realities, everyone in this chamber – Democrats and Republicans – will have to sacrifice some worthy priorities for which there are no dollars. And that includes me.” Sounds like to me that Obama’s campaign promises of expanded funding for education, health care and job creation are still firmly on the table… so what priorities exactly has the President had to cut out?

Quit pro quo – If President Obama is still pushing his priorities through a overwhelmingly Democratic Congress… what are the rest of us going to have to quit (or give up) in return? From where I sit… it looks green and has numbers written on it.

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