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Posted by on Feb 23, 2009 in Politics, Religion, Society | 4 comments

Insanity in the Keyes of Alan

Where is that straightjacket when I need it? I was going through my morning ritual of reading my favorite political blogs and I came across this piece by Andrew Sullivan who gives us a glimpse into the terrifyingly absurd mind of one Dr. Alan Keyes.

I have always thought Keyes was a bit unhinged but he has really lost all sense of reality in the video clip. Just in case you think I am joking… here are a few of the more unsettling thoughts offered by Keyes:

1) Barack Obama is the “greatest crisis that this country has ever seen”

2) “The United States of America will cease to exist”

3) Barack Obama is an “abomination”

As a seminary graduate, the word abomination struck me as a bit harsh to define a person who was elected to public office. According to, the word means a person who is loathsome or disgusting. In terms of theology, the word is used to define people or actions that God hates.

So to translate the meaning of what Alan Keyes said is that the President of the United States is loathsome, disgusting and hated by God. This type of rhetoric is in very bad taste and demonstrates what can happen when unstable people are given license to say whatever comes into their brain.

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  • $199537

    Alan Keyes is an idiot only taken seriously by zealots. Why this site gives him the attention it does is beyond me.

  • StockBoySF

    Palin/Keyes 2012!

    That would be a disaster…

  • christoofar

    What’s that classic Monty Python line again?

    Mr. Keyes, I fahhhhrt in your general direction !

  • river

    perhaps there are somethings we are better off if we just did not feed them ? . . .especially if they are known to bite. . .

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