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Posted by on Aug 1, 2009 in Economy, Health, Politics | 14 comments

Healthcare on life support and the resurgence of the Republican Party


President Obama just passed the six month mark on his presidency and he, and House Democrats, may have resuscitated the Republican Party by their bumbling over how to make sure that every American can have affordable health care.

As reported here, the Energy and Commerce committed passed a health care bill yesterday… that’s the good news… however, the bad news will hit when the three committees reconcile their bills into one compromise version this fall.

The quote from Chairman Henry Waxman give an insight into the mess to come after the early fall recess:

Waxman – “We reached compromises and brought together a very diverse group of conservatives, moderates and progressives … I am confident we will pass [the legislation] when it reaches the House floor.” Waxman was barely able to keep his own party members in line to pass this bill. His bill is D.O.A. and he knows it – he just had to pass a version because his committee has oversight responsibilities over segments of health care.

House Democrats should be very careful over the next few months. If they do not pass a health care bill, their failure may open the crack in the dam giving Republicans a chance to pick up seats in 2010.

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  • Silhouette

    This article sounds like reverse psychology to me. I think the public is willing to wait until the political circus gives us what we want.

    We know who the enemies of public guaranteed health care are. If any funny business pops up we know what subtitle we won’t be voting for under a candidate’s name if our rights are “compromised” right out of existence. If anyone, either democrat or this inherant enemy of the public’s right to be protected from microscopic enemies fails to deliver, they will get their walking papers.

    We’re serious this time. We want our health care and we’re going to get it. Period.

  • JayDickB

    You can have it if you want. But why do you want to force me to have it?

    • vwcat

      who said anyone was forcing you to have anything. The public option is just that: Option.
      you like dealing with your insurance corp. fine. No one is going to make you leave.
      quit drinking the koolaid and falling for the spin.

  • Silhouette

    You can get private insurance if you like. Uncle Sam will bring in competition. If Uncle Sam is supposedly going to deliver such an inferior system then why do your insurance buddies fight it so hard?

    Answer: they’ve crunched the numbers and discovered they’ll have to lower their rates to provide you with your private insurance to compete.

    You should thank the public option. It will lower your

  • Silhouette

    Dear Tony Campbell. Please add a “T” to the title of this article where appropriate. I doubt it’s getting the hits you planned on with the search engines..?

  • vwcat

    Mr. Campbell, sadly you do not seem to have any clue in how bills, especially big, signature ones are done.
    Anyone who watches a little Cspan knows that there are good days, bad days, ect. Especially with democrats. They are not like your lockstep republicans. Democrats have independent voices and minds and have always been known to be assertive. Hence Will Roger’s famous line, “I don’t belong to an organized party. I’m a democrat.”
    And given the performance of the gop and their destructive policies with our economy, their lack of any ideas outside of tax cuts for the wealthy, their offensive racism, their childish behavior and their using mindless fear over any kind of adult discussion of any issue, I don’t think the republicans are resurgent anywhere. They are too much of a national joke and more of a regional party these days.
    Finally, no one ever said doing Health Care was going to be easy or smooth sailing. This is typical for they way things go in working out huge legislation.
    Obama and his people also said some time ago that expected Obama to hit rough sailing and his numbers to be hurt when the time came for the Health Care fights and hammering out the bill.

  • rfyork

    Well, journalists rarely learn from history. Articles like this will almost certainly be viewed as “Reports of my demise are premature” and “Dewey beats Truman”. I have a very strong inclination to believe that many commentators on both sides continue to underestimate Obama.

  • $199537

    A strong opposing party is important, but I wish the GOP were getting stronger on their own merits instead of because the Democrats are just as bad.

  • DLS

    NOTE: Tony, check your spelling in the title. “Health care.”

    The initiative is not on life support, and people shouldn’t so overreact. Reality always pointed to this, as well as its being unlikely any bill will “necessarily” [sic] reach Obama’s desk at any time this year, _of_course_. [sigh] There is no “crisis” with health care, nor any excuse for hyperventilation or tantrums because the ridiculous demand of “August” wasn’t met. (What kind of fools would expect or demand it?)

    * * *

    “Uncle Sam will bring in competition. If Uncle Sam is supposedly going to deliver such an inferior system then why do your insurance buddies fight it so hard?”

    Specious, if not deliberately ignorant (or pitifully dishonest) _again_! Obviously there is no _real_ competition with Washiongton.

    Moreover, though some below a pathetic IQ threshold don’t and won’t ever grasp it (the first and foremost among those targeted by the Dems, their most faithful or at least reliable, and exploitable and manipulatable, among their susceptible constituents), this “public option” [rolling eyes] is (as I’ve corrected stated in the past, but which not only merits but _demands_ repetition here) a Trojan horse incrementalist measure with blazing, flashing neon signage and beacons, accompanied by klaxons and sirens (which are lost on the worst-of-the-lot target audience, who are or choose to be blind and deaf to the obvious while being so easily used by the Dems, or are morally rather than mentally incapacitated).

    And watch the _real_ viciousness (this may again be lost on the lowest-IQ demographic) when the public is dissatisfied in future years with the problems accompanying government health care, and there is talk of a “public alternative” (which _truly_ introduces partial competition and helps keep _government_ honest).

    * * *

    “[…] I wish the GOP were getting stronger on their own merits […]”

    Note that this remains the central (_general_) problem with the GOP currently. (not limited to health care)

  • DLS

    “Anyone who watches a little Cspan knows that there are good days, bad days, ect. Especially with democrats. They are not like your lockstep republicans. Democrats have independent voices and minds and have always been known to be assertive.”

    OK, time to intercede now that the incorrectness level has exceeded reasonable bounds.

    The reality here is that with health care, the Dems once again have rushed remarkably (intelligent people remain curious exactly why — is it out of childishly giddy excitement at being able to play in Washington with no serious opposition currently, is it out of arrogance and conceit more than usually is found among these people, is it being out of touch with the public, is it simply cynical, rushing to exploiting the current power they have before it subsides in later elections?) to try to pass bad legislation, as they have since taking power in earnest this year, and they have rushed so stupidly to pass legislation that is so bad (in part because they rushed to pass legislation before fundamental parts of it as well as other details had been identified and included) that even some among the _Democrats_ (who are the lock-step organization, despite their plethora of self-centered interest groups) are reluctant to approve the mess of legislation that is being cobbled together, as well as beginning to be concerned about their re-election prospects, as the public is becoming more and more concerned or starting even to be alarmed about this initiative.

    Only idiots expect heatlh care legislation (especially what the Dems have done so far) to be passed soon, or demand this.

    Normal people anticipate it taking all the way to and likely beyond the end of this year. Maybe the Dems will learn from this and stop the stupid rushing and stop attempting harmful, wrongful legislation — oh, and this time, maybe pay attention to the fundamentals and other details, such as how to pay for something. That’s what the mainstream is expecting to see addressed, even if childish extremists don’t care about it.

  • DLS

    “I have a very strong inclination to believe that many commentators on both sides continue to underestimate Obama.”

    The liberal media have routinely overestimated (and behaved in similar, worse ways) about Obama.

    Now the honeymoon is over, and the idiotic rush for health care blatantly exposes large-scale public and even very-tardy-small-Dem-internecine objections to the worst of the stupidity of rushing and destructiveness of Dem legislation, much of which was sought by Obama as well as by Congre-Dems.

    Nobody normal is surprised that the health care nonsense fell apart of its own accord as well as constituting the worst overreach by the Dems to date that went too far and fell apart. Now we’ll see how the Dems, and the liberal media, handle a long-overdue well-earned setback to Instant Gratification. (Even some in the media by now must, at least privately, acknowledge, at least, that the heatth care effort as well as the legislative product so far have been _sloppy_.)

  • Kastanj

    So, DLS, if one is to debate with you, as a democrat or left-winger, should one readily accept being deemed a person of low IQ or are you willing to initially retract that sweeping and insulting claim as an act of good faith towards a would-be counterpart?

  • Kastanj — You mustn’t have been here long. Of course, DLS’s ire is not reserved merely for dems, just anyone who dares disagree with him; mostly dems, of course, but he’s happy to insult the intelligence of anyone with a point that doesn’t fit neatly within his world view. DLS <3 ad hominem.

  • PASC

    This article just continues the increasing media support for American stupidity instead of enlightenment. Why waste words like this? Why not use the platform you have here to encourage readers to consider the complexitity of issues like these? Do you not realize that the ONLY way you are right in the conclusion you’ve drawn is if Americans are indeed too stupid to understand this process? Do you yourself understand how you are only CONTRIBUTING TO THEIR STUPIDITY?

    What this country needs right now is a media that provides balanced, factual information and encourages audiences to SEEK MORE. Like I said, drivvel like this is a waste of words.

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