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Posted by on Feb 5, 2009 in Politics | 1 comment

Gasp! Yes, Obama is Human. (A Political Reality Check)

It was only a matter of time. Yes, it’s true, Barack Obama is human. He has and will continue to make mistakes. Obama has to deal with an economic mess, negotiate the landmines his staff has left for him to deal with (Daschle) and deal with foreign and national security policy issues such as closing Gitmo and reducing military forces in two theaters of operation half a world away.

I don’t know who I should feel more sorry for – the Michael Steele led Republican Party who think they smell blood in the water or an already disenchanted liberal base who are impatient for the magic wand to transform seventy years of government in the span of three weeks. How absurd!

To my fellow Republicans – now is the time to clean our own house to prepare for when Obama really makes a mistake that people actually care about. A few botched nominations is not the sign of a weak presidency (even Reagan got shot down). To my liberal Democrat friends – sit down, chill out and have a cup of Darjeeling tea. Obama has been President for three weeks – it took a decade to get us into this mess… it will take a year or two, if we are fortunate, to dig ourselves out of it.

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