A round up of recent posts by various bloggers who either attempt to strike a balanced note on heated debates and controversial issues, or improve our ability to find our own sense of balance by exposing us to new information and different points-of-view.


NOTE: It was difficult to find balanced posts on distinctive topics today; most seemed to focus on the contested visit by Iran’s President to Ground Zero, Hillary’s health-care reform plan, and other well-worn topics. Granted, while the posts featured below don’t tackle entirely new subjects, they were the best of the rest today, in this single editor’s humble and entirely subjective opinion.


Steve Benen examines the Religious Right’s frustration with the lack of a backable GOP candidate. Steve’s view is not an entirely balanced one, but it is informative; a decent summary of a conundrum that has been building for several months.

Dennis Sanders celebrates his recent marriage and suggests our society may have finally arrived at a certain tipping point, the final days of anti-gay sentiment. An excerpt:

The fact is, people are starting to see gay people as people. We own houses, pay bills and do everything that every other American does. And we also enter into long-term relationships and want to know that when bad things happen, we can visit each other in the hospital or tell each other how we want to be treated if we are very ill.

Justin Gardner goes after Sen. Lieberman on the subject of habeas corpus; spotlights Sen. McCaskill’s countervailing perspective; and then opens up the topic for debate, inviting readers to defend the position taken by Lieberman and those who side with him. A fair and worthwhile exercise.

Andrew Sullivan excerpts an email he received from Michael Totten on Iraq and labels Totten’s words “a voice of sanity from the ground.”

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  • krit

    Maybe if Dobson and his ilk would back Mike Huckabee, he’d have a chance of winning the nomination. Probably Huckabee isn’t enough of a flame-thrower on the issue of gay marriage for Dobson’s taste.

  • Krit — I think perhaps you’re right, on both counts. From everything I’ve read about Huckabee, his views are very much aligned with the RR, but he’s just not a jerk about it; he seems to largely avoid inflammatory, hurtful language. Of course, as soon as I write that, someone will probably identify an exception or two to the rule.

  • domajot

    The Totten message to Andrew Sullivan is important to take into account. The Anbar experience is likely not exportable to Baghdad or to heavily Shiite provinces. The Mahdi army is not like AlQaeda.

    The other question to ponder is whether the Anbar experience is sustainable. So many of our alliances of convenience have turned out badly, and the developments in this case need to be carefully monitored.

  • DLS

    Columbia University may let Ahmedinnerjacket give a speech there. I wonder how many Move-On and ANSWER members would applaud his very appearance.

    Maybe Iran should be bombed during his speech. *grin*