Author: WILLIAM KERN (Worldmeets.US)

MH17: Europe Must ‘Slam its Fists’ on the Table (de Volkskrant, The Netherlands)

[icopyright one button toolbar] Continuing with our examination of the Dutch reaction to the situation surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, this column by de Volkskrant columnist Hans Wansink seeks to cool the tempers of those talking about Dutch military intervention in Ukraine, and urges the immediate adoption and implimentation by the European Union of the sanctions announced by President Obama. For de Volkskrant, Hans Wansink begins by criticizing the ‘impotent’ impression left by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, but advising against the use of Dutch forces: The anger of Mark Rutte was not pretend. When the prime minister saw the...

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Securing MH17 Victims: Dutch Have Elite Troops for a Reason! (Elsevier, The Netherlands)

Just 24 hours ago, as this column from Elsevier of the Netherlands shows, there was significant talk among the Dutch of the need to threaten the use of elite forces to secure the MH17 crash site and the corpses of the dead – most of whom are Dutch. Whether the events of the last 24 hours have diminished that impulse is unclear. For Elsevier, columnist Eric Vrijsen begins his preroration by highlighting the growing pressure on Prime Minister Mark Rutte to take action: As time passes after the crash of MH17, there are calls in the Netherlands for military...

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Obama’s Sanctions on Russia are the ‘Only Real Sanctions’ (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland)

If President Obama is ‘weak,’ than everyone else is weaker. For Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza, Mariusz Zawadzki reminds Obama’s ever-expanding number of critics that the president has not only been the most consistent leader since the Ukraine crisis began, but that the sanctions he has imposed on Russia have been the toughest in the world, and what’s more, they work. For the Gazeta Wyborcza, Mariusz Zawadzki begins by immediately going after Obama’s critics: How numerous were the complaints when Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea and Barack Obama announced the first raft of sanctions against Russia! It was said that the U.S....

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MH17: The Death Knell of Ukraine’s Pro-Russia Separatists (de Volkskrant, The Netherlands)

Can Moscow’s support for seperatists in Ukraine survive an atrocity the scale of the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17? For de Volkskrant of the Netherlands, the country that suffered the greatest loss of life in yesterday’s attack, columnist Bert Lanting writes that if it is proven that the crime was committed by pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will have to choose from two decidedly unpleasant options: cut off the rebels and watch them be crushed, or herald a new Cold War as dark as the old. [icopyright one button toolbar] For de Volkskrant, Bert Lanting begins by...

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Abandoning Pro-Russia Separatists Would Be ‘Unforgivable’ (Izvestia, Russia)

Should Russia continue to back seperatists in eastern Ukraine, particulary after they appear to have shot down a civilian aircraft killing all 298 people aboard? For Russia’s Izvestia, columnist Kiril Benediktov insists that the rebel war in Ukraine is Russia’s war as well, and criticizes Russian ‘elites’ who consider the rebels a nuisance who undermine Russian interests. After taking a fellow columnist to task for suggesting that Russia should turn its back on the rebels and avoid further Western sanctions and isolation, Kiril Benediktov writes in part: When the last bastion of defenders fall in Slavyansk and Donetsk, when...

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