Author: DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

The Vulgarity of Trump: Mocking Mothers as Dogs…

It need not be repeated; calling persons sob’s who are not fanning trumpian lastest notions. In our Mexica/Mestizo traditions, sometimes, prayers are made to push back, to state that more than name calling, that good souls are charged with sheltering the good of the world in their own small ways, in this case standing with the fierce and loving mothers of the world, taking a knee, that the mothers ought never be called ‘dogs’ –nor their children, their sons or daughters, be called the offspring of a dog. I do note that dog is G-d spelled backward, and as...

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“Worst Shooting in USA”? Try Sand Creek Massacre, over 100 Dead. 3 Survived.

Imagine soldiers coming back from an attack on a peaceful village of Cheyenne and Arapahoe, with women’s genitalia, men’s testicles, babys’ scalps hanging from their standards. The attack was led by Maj. John Chivington, a brash man of conceit. What does one call such a man who rides up in sneak attack and slaughters peaceful people? Call it Evil? Sick evil? Demented? Hatred-larded? Brain and heart dead? Maybe there are no names for those who murder innocents. What kind of men were those who unleashed bullets and fire on a peaceful village encampment of Native people, murdering 80 women...

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Star Spangled Banner written–ONLY for “Freemen”, not for Slaves, not Hired Indentured. MSM Has Forgotten.

Take Down the “Star Spangled Banner” It’s way past time. The Mainstream Media has for days and weeks, forgotten the racist origins of this ‘air.’ It’s probably time to retire the whole thing, or keep the parts that can apply to all. Or to write new words to the rousing tune with its high note few can reach with clarity. Or start the heck all over again with an inclusive anthem that celebrates mothers and sons and daughters and fathers, not just war. And that does uphold slavery and unjust indentured servitude…. The song commemorates an 1814 battle between...

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BEFORE Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Spoke for Trump, and AFTER: Responses

BEFORE Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Spoke for Trump, I’d labored through the night to create this prayer poster for the Dreamers — who are beloved to myself, my family and millions of people in our country. I’d offered the prayer with a letter to my facebook page of 135,000 readers… they were in tight agreement that Trump should keep his promise to ‘protect the dreamers’. But we had heard distant thunder that he was going to go back on his word… again. So this: “My Dear Brave Souls; I ask your prayers and mighty powers to still the hand of any person attempting...

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