Author: Anthony Stahelski

Democracy and Old School Technology

Democratic procedures and modern electronic screen technology are not a good mix, for at least two reasons. First, after the 2016 election it is reasonable to conclude that the hard copy/paper method of voter record keeping is better than electronic record keeping, for two good reasons: privacy and vote count accuracy. Electronic records get hacked all the time, and no matter how good the anti-hacking software becomes, the hackers continue to find ways to break in to voter databases. When the secret ballot is no longer secret, democracy fails. Privacy is eroding everywhere, mainly due to two interrelated factors:...

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Killers, Media and Celebrity: See My Awesomeness!

Investigators and journalists are having a difficult time understanding the Las Vegas killer‘s motive. They keep searching for clues in his past life, and with his family members and associates. They are missing the obvious by ignoring one of the key aspects of modern American culture: Our fascination with celebrities. By far the most popular TV show of the early 2000s was American Idol. During its fifteen year run hundreds of thousands of young Americans auditioned for the show, to become known as the American Idol, to be celebrated as the best new singer and entertainer in the country....

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Naval Operations

Between 2003 and 2010 the small volunteer United States Army was badly overstretched, fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in addition to conducting other missions around the world. Army personnel suffered a variety of negative consequences, including suicide, PTSD and divorce. The causes were obvious- constant deployment and redeployment without enough down time. Now it is the Navy’s turn. United States Navy warships have been involved in three collisions and one unintentional grounding in 2017. The usual Navy reaction to collisions and groundings is to relieve ship captains of their commands- essentially saying that naval accidents are caused by...

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“Dunkirk” and democracy

At a time when democracy is being questioned domestically and threatened globally, we get an inspiring reminder from the past: the current movie Dunkirk. The film is based on actual events that occurred in May and June, 1940, during WWII. Hitler had already conquered Austria. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark and Norway, when he launched a massive surprise attack on Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France in May, 1940. His armored columns quickly swept through these countries, and trapped 400,000 British, French and Belgian troops in a French town facing the English Channel called Dunkirk. What came to be called the Miracle...

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Conspiracies, Conspiracy Theories, and Conspiracy Theorists

Everybody has secrets. We all have aspects of our lives that we don’t want others to know about. The problem with secrets is that they are only secret when they are kept secret, and there is sometimes a temptation to share the secret with someone. When we tell our secrets to someone, we ask that person to become part of a conspiracy and not share the secrets with anyone else. If a conspiracy is defined this simply, there are many millions of conspiracies on the planet at any given time. The fundamental problem with secrets and conspiracies is that...

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