None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Fallout continues from the exposure of the “Journolist” mailing list.  Journolist was billed as a place for progressive bloggers to get together and share ideas.  If left to that, the idea was juvenile and cliquish, but harmless.  But it is now coming out that Journolist included representatives from mainstream media outlets and that those representatives, while publicly presenting themselves as objective reporters and analysts, were actually using the list to conspire to kill stories that were harmful to liberal politics as well as to invent and exaggerate stories that attacked conservatives.

For many years, conservatives who complained that most of the media was biased against them were accused of paranoia.  FoxNews was the exception that was regularly attacked for being the exception in an act of gallingly transparent hypocrisy.  We were assured that even though reporters voted for Gore and Kerry at rates above 90%, they were still fair and objective professionals who could separate their personal ideology from their reporting.

The new exposures from Journolist indicate that some of them were just plain lying.


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