Colin Powell Endorsing Barack Obama…Not Quite Yet

As you have probably heard, Colin Powell is scheduled to be on “Meet the Press” tomorrow. The rumor mill is suggesting that Powell may endorse Obama. I have written several posts about Powell and Obama and, while I think Powell will eventually endorse Senator Obama, I have been told by a reliable source (who knows Powell very well) that Powell will probably not endorse anyone tomorrow.

In our conversation, I was told four very interesting facts:

Statement #1: “Powell has a high regard for both Senators and does not want to hurt either of their feelings”

Statement #2: “He (Powell) will avoid the topic, but if I was the interviewer, I would try to nail him down.”

Statement #3: “If he endorses, he will do it during the last weekend before the election. There are a lot of Independents, and moderate Republicans, that will think ‘If Powell thinks _____ is ok, that is good enough for me.”

Statement #4: “Powell has made a decision but will pick the best time to make his choice public. There is something to be said for the right dramatic moment”

Bottom line: Powell is being Powell. He will pick his time to let the media know who he is going to endorse. “Meet the Press” should be interesting, but don’t expect any major revelations.

Author: TONY CAMPBELL, Columnist