Get a Life

This qualifies for an honorary chair in TMV’s Get A Life Club. I mean really.

But people make good livings playing these kind of tiresome partisan word games. Meanwhile, we do have some serious issues to be discussed in this country and serious questions to ask the White House. (Or most of us would, anyway…)

  • RP


    Agree, we do have serious issue to be discussed and serious questions to ask.

    I just wonder why a site that calls itself The Moderate Voice does not ask the same questions to the left that is written about the right.

    Most everyday there are numerious articles about the right, their candidates, their positions and the negative impact those have on the country.

    We see little about Obama’s negative impact on the country with his divide and conquer positions, his hidden support for Wall Street and his negative impact on jobs due to positions taken by his labor department and the EPA.

    For instance, does dividing this country between the rich and poor show leadership? Really? Is there not a way to work with both sides and bring about solutions to the debt problem without demonizing one side or the other? Instead of making mulitple speeches about how bad the millioniare boogey man is, how about gettin everyone with skin in the game together and work out some solutions. (Oh he did that with the Bowles Simpson commission already, sorry).

    Another issue. If he is so negative to Wall Street, why has there not been some legal ation taken on CEO’s and CFO’s of companies that have signed false certifications as to the financial status of their banks and other investment companies? Was that not what Sarbanes=Oxley was designed to do?

    Last, is there not a discussion that needs to occur about policies that undermine jobs when blocking a pipeline stops job creation or blocking an aircraft plant due to some union agreement undermines jobs? Other instances have occurred that also need coverage.

    And last, who and why would something like this get into a defense appropriation bill in the first place?

  • dduck

    I like pranks that are witty and creative. That one was in that league, although a little crude. LOL.
    RP, you make some good points, but this was a humorous post, like congratulating Obama for getting the Nobel prize, where his new idol, Teddy R rejected it until he was out of office.


    I’m not sure why WND is even allowed at the pressers. It’s certainly not a news paper.

  • DaGoat

    Kinsolving always asks strange questions. I’m not sure why he’s allowed there either.

  • SteveK

    As many of the right leaning commenters here seem to have such a low opinion of the Nobel Prize a little history seems to be in order.

    Alfred Nobel was a typical right winger in his day and yet he was the creator of these long honored (in most quarters?) prizes. He was also a very successful businessman who, like the 1% today, didn’t mind where his money came from or who he ‘killed’ (literally) to get it.

    His epiphany came when

    In 1888, Alfred was astonished to read his own obituary, titled ‘The merchant of death is dead’, in a French newspaper. As it was Alfred’s brother Ludvig who had died, the obituary was eight years premature. The article disconcerted Nobel and made him apprehensive about how he would be remembered. This inspired him to change his will.

    Through Nobel’s better-late-than-never change of heart there is The Nobel Foundation dedicated to honoring positive forces and positive changes that has advanced, not just a few men… but all of mankind…

    And then there are some in today’s right wing that only seem capable of regurgitating straw men arguments about the Prize… In their defense, I’m sure they think they’re being clever and don’t realize that most see that they are only trying to deflect ‘blame’ from their side.

  • rudi

    @RP and DD
    Please some any instance of a lefty blog or reporter that asked W or McClown if they sleep with spring lambs.

    At White House press briefings, you don’t normally hear questions about bestiality. Today was not normal.

    On Monday, press secretary Jay Carney fielded an unusual question from World Net Daily reporter Lester Kinsolving.

  • dduck

    rudi, Everyone knows that Reps only sleep with mature sheep, perhaps you are thinking of the more liberal Dems.
    SteveK, the Nobel Prizes are not the problem, it is the selection process that may be faulty, especially with the prime example of Obama. Also, TR was a mensch.

  • roro80

    Um, so I might be missing the point here, but is it actually true? Did the bill to decriminalize sodomy (not a crime in civilian life, an act between two consenting adults) also decriminalize beastiality (an illegal and abusive act against a creature who by definition cannot consent)? I mean, if so, hold Obama to the fire on that one. Sodomy laws are clearly stupid, bigoted, and unenforcable. Not so with beastiality laws…

  • SteveK

    SteveK, the Nobel Prizes are not the problem, it is the selection process that may be faulty, especially with the prime example of Obama. Also, TR was a mensch.

    The selection process IS the Nobel Prize. Even when some don’t like the choice… No, “especially” when some don’t like the choice.

    Who do you think you are the Nobel Prize selection committee? :)

  • Allen

    Butt sex should be illegal, it’s filty. Ask any doctor.

    RP- There is no negative Obama impact on the country.

  • dduck

    I would have no problem, if O had deferred receiving the prize until after leaving office.

  • roro80

    “Butt sex should be illegal, it’s filty. Ask any doctor.”

    Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, buddy. Honestly, I also don’t know what doctor you’re going to — I’d think about getting another one, since yours is just factually wrong. As long as both partners are responsible and communicative about any diseases they may have, butt sex is no more risky than standard old vanilla sex. For particular people, it’s preferable from a health perspective.

    Plus, being “filty”, whatever that means, is not actually grounds for making something illegal. Your personal yucky feelings on specific things that have zero affect on you in any way doesn’t actually justify massive intrusive panty-sniffing into the personal lives of millions of people you don’t (or do, likely) know. Here’s a really big concept you might want to consider: you aren’t, in fact, king of the world. You don’t get to ban other people’s sex lives.

  • dduck

    SK, said: “Who do you think you are the Nobel Prize selection committee?” Maybe, yes, since: Well in 1905 the NPSC said: “Roosevelt was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (not Noble) in 1906 for his work in the negotiations that led to the Treaty of Portsmouth ending the Russo-Japanese War in 1905.”
    Even then: TR, said “He did not feel right accepting the prize while he was in office. ”

    Mr. Obama, himself, maintained that he did “not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by this prize.”
    And, of course he was correct, since he didn’t do anything to deserve an award. See, I can agree with him sometimes.

  • dduck

    I hate to butt in, but I wouldn’t mind if the discussion between Allen and Roro ended.

  • JSpencer

    “This qualifies for an honorary chair in TMV’s Get A Life Club.”

    I think honorary chair in TMV’s Get Smacked with a 2 by 4 Club would be more appropriate.

  • dduck

    JS, due to depreciation, it is actually 1 3/4′ by 3 3/4″ or so. Even your dollar is smaller.
    Gingrich says that 3 hours after the inauguration, he will restore both to their former values.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    i must say, I have never seen a more surreal set of comments on one post. You guys. I swear.

  • Rcoutme

    As for the actual posting and the questions regarding it: I was a commissioned officer (and thus had to read the Uniform Code of Military Justice, aka UCMJ).

    Sodomy was forbidden in the UCMJ, so was adultery. The laws were written in case they were not in force wherever the soldier/sailor was located. There are actually quite a few laws in the UCMJ that do not apply to civilians. Meanwhile, there is also a ‘catch all’ law that basically says, “If you are an asshole or do something particularly disruptive to military cohesion, we can still prosecute you”.

    The provision in the defense department allocation was probably to eliminate the backdoor possibility of prosecuting homosexuals.

  • JSpencer

    Thanks duck, you’re right of course. The good news is that my house was built nearly a century ago and I still have access to some genuine to spec 2 x 4’s. Not only that, but they are hardwood. I know this because some of them are almost impossible to pound a nail into. I’ll gladly donate an appropriate length of said wood to the aforementioned cause.

  • Allen


    -[I hate to butt in, but I wouldn’t mind if the discussion between Allen and Roro ended]-

    Your wish is my command Duck! Butt…my comment(t)(singular) was never part of any conversation. I stand acquitted of conversing with, uh, whatever it is, for lack of evidence.

  • roro80

    “uh, whatever it is”

    Charming as only someone with your vulger sensibilities can be. You brought up butt sex, man. You did so in an obscene and bigoted way. That your bluff got called should hardly be surprising. You wanna play chicken? Yeah, I’ll play.

    “I don’t like how you have sex” is NOT a valid argument for any public policy, period. You wanna make it vulgar, if that’s the only language you understand, I will totally go there. Still a bigoted homophobic argument.

  • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

    ok, I think the topic was a fellow at press conference who asked an off the wall question on purpose to possibly disconbobulate the discussion there, veering into something about cross species whatever.

    I think it’s time to cease discussion here about orifices’ benefits and deficits. That’s quite a highjack. If you want to continue such, email one another.

  • dduck

    Thanks, dr. e, I was almost ready to tell the joke about Archimedes and the tub of water.
    Incidentally, the ancient Greeks also invented democracy and determined the circumference of the earth.

  • Allen

    Actually I’m appalled that bestiality will now be legal in the armed services. The Guy from WND apparently asked a legitimate question that was NOT answered by the President’s spokesman. Is this an oversight by the White House or was this intentional for reasons we don’t understand? A lot has not been explained.

    Don’t shoot the messenger because you don’t like the message.

    There has to be moral laws for people in the military. Otherwise we are merely breeding immoral people if we turn away from proper instruction for our younger Americans. The military is a great place to learn self-discipline which is required for proper social development.

  • roro80

    Oh honey, I’ve got exactly nothing to hide.

  • Rcoutme

    @Allen: Did you even read my posting? Beastiality would likely get prosecuted under the UCMJ. It was not made legal, it was simply removed from specific illegalities. The 23rd? (I think that was the one) section of the UCMJ would allow the military to prosecute a soldier who decided to engage in such an act. It is unlikely that they would prosecute unless it became widely known that the incident occurred, but it could still be done.

    Unless the catch-all was repealed (extraordinarily unlikely ever) then behavior that would cause a disruption to military command and authority can be prosecuted (and knowing that a fellow soldier was banging a sheep or whatever would definitely qualify).

  • Allen


    Sorry I don’t read all posts, but I should have read yours.

    Still though sodomy, bestiality and other bizarre deviant acts should be illegal, with sever punishment. Especially in the military were discipline must be kept. Anybody found guilty of such filth should be disgraced and kicked out of the military with SEXUAL DEVIENT stamped upon their DD214 to follow them forever. This would help keep our children safe.

  • roro80

    Allen — Again, you don’t get to decide that what happens among consenting adults is illegal. Neither does our government. That you want to poke your nose into the sex lives of other people, I think, much more offensive and filthy than any sexual act. I personally find it revolting.

    ETA: Children, of course, having nothing to do with it, as children can’t join the military anyway, and the idea here is that any acts are between consenting adults. One of the key words here is adults.

  • dduck

    So Archimedes said to his assistant, who was also in the tub, what rubber duck there’s no rubber duck in here.