Insect Genocide!!!!

A Dutch study breathlessly reports that automobiles may be endangering the entire Dutch ecosystem:

Biologists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands enlisted the help of 250 drivers for a “splash teller” study. Each motorist had to wipe his or her car license plate clean then tot up the bug body count at the end of their drive.

“They are by far the richest species groups in all countries, and therefore play an essential role in the food chain,” biologist Arnold van Vliet, one of a team working on the project, told Reuters.

“Many birds such as swallows, who hunt for insects, depend on insect density. If insect numbers are low they inevitably face severe problems finding food for their young,” he said.

The numbers of insects killed does appear large, but when you consider the tiny size of cars in comparison to, you know, the entire surrounding landscape, it is all but certain that there are many billions upon many billions of insects that manage not to get hit by cars.  Thankfully, the remaining numbers of insects are probably enough to sustain the food chain notwithstanding this latest episode of environmental hysteria.

Or maybe I am wrong and the best solution to Minnesota’s perpetual mosquito infestation is simply to build more roads…



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