Death Threats Against Wisconsin Republicans

So this is what the new age of civility, where we are all carefully watching those horrible and violent conservatives, looks like.  The Wisconsin DOJ is investigating a rash of death threats against Wisconsin Republicans after the GOP representatives passed a bill stripping collective bargaining privileges from many state government workers.

Of course, when a few Democrats received violent threats about health care reform, the response was lavish attention in the left-leaning blogosphere, culminating in sweeping accusations towards all conservatives of complicity in violent and abusive discourse. Liberal luminaries sagely shook their heads sadly then and after Tucson, wisely lecturing us all about how dangerous the right wing was and how it needed to be reigned in. By contrast, the response now from many progressive commentators ranges from apathy to endorsement. The double standard could not possibly be more blatant.

Truth is, violent threats are inexcusable from both sides.  And both sides have an obligation in the name of integrity to police their own ranks instead of going suddenly silent whenever it is one of their own that is becoming threatening, belligerant, and abusive.

But in the age of take-no-prisoners political combat, I’m not holding my breath.


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